Software Tips

There are some different types of operating system available in the market and you need to choose the Best Call Center operating system according to your business needs ( Here in this article, we are going to discuss about four kinds of bpo operating system, i.e., on-premise bpo software, hosted call center operating system, cloud based call center operating system and Browser-based bpo software. Let’s get to the point and read them in detail.

1. Hosted Call Center Software

At the point when a hosted operating system is installed, it is introduced and facilitated on a remote server, off-site, in a different area than your business. Hosted call center software likewise is managed by the developer or an outsider vendor that has knowledge.

One can access the hosted software from anyplace anytime inside the organization, as long as they have a working internet connection. Hosted bpo software additionally is alluded to as operating system as a Service (SaaS) or cloud based operating system, if the servers are virtualized. Hosted software is cheaper and are generally maintained by the service provider.

2. On-premise Call Center Software

With on-premise software arrangements, the software, equipment and related framework is introduced at your office and kept up by your IT staff or an outside specialist co-op ( If you get the computer program for your company then, you can maintain control over it. It is an ideal operating system for centralised team. Maintenance and updation of this operating system is also very easy.

3. Cloud Based Call Center computer program

Cloud-based call center software’s arrangements are facilitated on the web and can be accessed easily through an application (which is introduced on a PC or cell phone) by means of the web. With cloud-based software, all information is put away in the cloud and can be downloaded, so that users can easily access it when they are disconnected. Cloud-based bpo software are cost effective. No dedicated IT staff is required for the management of this operating system, as it is dedicatedly maintained and managed by the service provider.

4. Browser-based call center computer program

Browser-based call center operating system is the most progressive kind of software that one must own in one’s call center business. It has associated a lot of features like telephony, call recording, auto-dialing, etc. One can access it very easily via the internet.

The main advantage of using this software is that the agents can access the operating system from anywhere. The agents can work remotely and stay connected with managers and other staff members when they are away from the office. It is a value for time and money software.