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Help secure your windows with a Window Safety Guard

As seen on The Today Show's 'Today's Consumer' segment on Hidden Home Dangers, November 16 2009!

This Window Safety Guard can help keep your child safe, at home and elsewhere.

Contains - Each Window Safety Guard pack contains two Window Wedge® brand window safety guard units.

One Window Safety Guard will protect one window up to about 36 inches wide. For windows 36 inches or larger, two Safety Guards should be used.

Prevents opening by child - Using the Window Wedge® Window Safety Guard will help prevent a child from opening a window further than you want it opened.

Helps keep intruders out, too - Any attempts to raise the window, even from the outside, will make the Window Safety Guard wedge tighter!

Intruders want to get in quickly and quietly, and they won't be able to do either if they encounter a Window Safety Guard on every window.

How it works - The Window Wedge® Window Safety Guard was designed by a retired New York Police detective, who knew first hand of tragedies resulting from children falling out of windows. He designed the Window Wedge® to be an effective AND affordable way to help keep children safe around open windows.

This Window Safety Guard uses a simple yet ingenious "wedge" design. Once installed, the Window Safety Guard is designed to actually lodge tighter if someone tries to open the window!

This makes the Window Safety Guard a great deterrent for kids who might otherwise try to get out of the window by opening it.

Adjustable - Once the Window Safety Guard is installed, a window opening can be adjusted instantly by simply re-positioning the 'wedge' device on the Velcro strip.

Instantly removable in emergency - Unlike many other window safety devices, in the event of an emergency this Window Safety Guard can be removed quickly and easily.

If for any reason (fire, etc.) the window needs to be opened quickly, the 'wedge' portion of the Window Safety Guard can be removed quickly and easily from the inside, allowing the window to be opened fully in an instant.

Works on different window styles - This Window Safety Guard can be used on:

Window Safety Guard used on horizontal slider window
  • Single hung windows (window opens only from the bottom).
  • Double hung windows (window opens from both the top AND the bottom).
  • Even horizontal 'sliders' (window slides open horizontally).
  • The Window Safety Guard can be used on wood, aluminum and vinyl windows.

Fits most window sizes - The minimum recommended 'sash' width is seven-eighths inch although we've used them successfully on sash widths as small as one-half inch.

Easy to use - Forget the drills and screwdrivers! The Window Wedge® Window Safety Guard attaches easily with the included Velcro strip.

Window Safety Guard for single or double hung windows

For single hung (window opens only from the bottom) or double hung (window opens from top OR bottom) windows -
Simply attach the adhesive backed Velcro strip to the middle of the upper window sash, and attach the Wedge part anywhere along the strip.

For horizontal 'slider' windows (see photo above) -
Attach the adhesive Velcro strip along the upper window sash, so that when the wedge is attached, the 'slider' will slide over the wedge.

Attach Velcro to the SASH part of window
Be sure Velcro is attached to the window SASH - The self-adhesive Velcro strip must be attached to the window's 'sash', which is the part of the window that actually holds the glass.
The wedge is then attached to the Velcro.

This way, when the window is opened, the wedge that's attached to the Velcro will catch between the two window sections, becoming tightly wedged and preventing the window from opening any further.

Made in America of strong and durable ABS plastic, if used properly the Window Wedge® Window Safety Guard can help protect your home.

Protect them while they learn - You'll have additional peace of mind knowing there's an extra level of protection between your child and the great outdoors.
This is especially important when your child is still learning about safety.

Protect them if they don't understand - Children with autism don't always understand danger, and many will leave through an open door or window without a second thought.

Having a Window Safety Guard on all windows can help to prevent a child with autism from opening a window and 'escaping', giving you and their educational program additional time to help them learn about danger.


ALL children should be supervised around open windows, just in case!


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