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Brown Child Locator kit


SALE on Child Locator

Now that warmer weather is upon us, we've reduced the price on the Child Locator!

A simple push of the transmitter button on your keychain or phone strap by makes the little bear on their shoe or belt 'chirp' loudly, helping to locate your child!

A great help in stores, etc., if you have a child who likes to take off! We've also found that many kids don't like the 'chirping', and will STOP running off once they understand that's why the bear makes noise!

Check out the Child Locator.


New BLACK Autism Awareness Bracelet


Beautiful BLACK Autism Awareness Bracelet

Ever popular and always stylish, BLACK is LucasWorks' newest color for the Autism Awareness Bracelet.

The beads and charms that tell the 'autism story' are highlighted by pure black Czech faceted beads that catch the light beautifully.

Like every LucasWorks Autism Awareness Bracelet, the Black bracelet is made by someone with autism and comes with a copy of the autism story, showing how the beads and charms on it help to explain autism.




You can now order LucasWorks Autism products from your smart phone! No need to download an app, just click the 'mobile site' link at the top of any page or go to http://lucasworks.malsweb.com

Most popular LucasWorks autism products and options can now be ordered via smart phone. You'll receive a notification of your order, and we'll let you know when we ship, just like we do with any order.

NOTE: Wholesale, Cafepress Store and special orders are not available via the mobile site.


A Medical Alert Tag goes on a belt loop and many other places.


Medical Alert Tag - Child ID Kit

A small but mighty layer of ID, the Medical Alert Tag has the Universal Medical Symbol on it, and holds your important medical info inside.

It provides great coverage on a purse, packback, harness, diaper bag, belt loop and other areas, and at around $2.00 each WITH SHIPPING INCLUDED, this autism product makes a perfect 'layer of ID' for you and your loved ones!


"Autism Story" is now available in SPANISH and JAPANESE! (See below!)

In addition to ENGLISH, the story that comes with each piece of LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry is now available in JAPANESE and in SPANISH!
See all three versions below:

Autism Story that comes with every piece of LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry

Japanese and Spanish translations of LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry



FREE Shipping and Handling on all U.S. orders over $50

LucasWorks Autism Products will pick up the shipping charges for ANY U.S. ORDERS totaling $50 or more, going to the same address. So talk to your friends and family members, combine your orders, and get it all shipped for FREE!

NOTE: International, Wholesale, Cafepress Store and special orders are not eligible for free shipping.


Child Cabinet Locks work on doors AND drawers


Child Cabinet Locks - Child Safety Products

Secure doors AND drawers with these Child Cabinet Locks from LucasWorks Autism Products!

These Child Cabinet Locks prevent a door or drawer from opening, and they also LOCK IN PLACE to prevent little fingers from being hurt if the door or drawer gets closed.

Great for kitchen, bathroom, home office, garage, work shop, anywhere you store things you don't want your child having access to!


The Hope Necklace, available in 3 colors!


Hope Necklace - Autism Awareness Jewelry

Perfect for any age, this stunning choker-style necklace is designed to be worn two different ways.

The Hope Necklace can be worn with the pewter 'HOPE' charm in front for the world to see. Spin it around, and you've got a completely different look!

Available in two lengths and in three colors, the Hope Necklace comes boxed and ready for giving to your favorite lady, be she ten or one hundred and ten!



LucasWorks Autism Products is now on Facebook, bringing news, useful tips and other things you might be interested in.

Come join us! Just click on the Facebook link at the top of any page.

We now offer an Autism Awareness Bracelet in GREEN


GREEN Autism Awareness Bracelet - Autism Awareness Jewelry

It's always Spring on this bracelet, featuring beautiful green beads finished with an aurora borealis touch.

Like every LucasWorks Autism Awareness Bracelet, our newest GREEN bracelet comes beautifully packaged in a velveteen bag, with your copy of the autism story, telling how the beads and charms on it help to explain autism.

It's also available in two sizes, and of course, is made with the help of someone with autism!


Child Safety Tattoos for Boys. Child Safety Tattoos for Girls.

Child Safety Tattoos - Child Safety Kit

Easy to use temporary Child Safety Tattoos have a place to put a telephone number, and offer a great way to keep it on your child!

Like the Autism Tattoo kit, these Child Safety Tattoos are perfect for travel.

Available in your choice of Boys' and Girls' designs, each kit comes with everything you need for six applications.

Each Child Safety Tattoo goes on easily and painlessly, and lasts from three to seven days!



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