TV Safety Strap

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TV Safety Strap

One TV Safety Strap kit contains two TV safety straps and will secure a television, computer monitor, speaker, etc. up to 50 lbs. For appliances up to 100 lbs., use two kits, or four straps.

Protect your child AND your TV - Children are injured and even killed every year from falling televisions.

Take the time to secure your TV and the furniture it sits on, PLEASE!

For television, monitor, etc. - People in areas prone to earthquakes know how products like a tv safety strap kit can secure televisions, computer monitors, stereo speakers, etc., and keep them from toppling over in the event of an earthquake.

For earthquakes and child quakes - But people all over have discovered that these same tv safety strap systems also work great to keep the television, monitor and speakers in place in the event of a "CHILD QUAKES", which occur much more frequently, and too often with disastrous results.

The TV Safety Strap attaches to back of TV, computer, etc., and to furniture, so your child won't pull the TV or computer over. Lucas used to pull on the TV, and his dad ended up bolting it to the antique table it sat on.

Easy to use - Simply attach the self adhesive brackets that come in the kit, one to the TV and one to the furniture, wait for the adhesive to set, and then slide the strap through the brackets.

No damage to furniture - There's no holes to be drilled, so holes or other damage to the furniture! The adhesive takes 72 hours to set, and of course, the furniture should be secured to the wall with a No-Tip Furniture Bracket kit.

TV is always there - In today's world, televisions are used for so much more than just watching TV. It seems like they are never turned off, between the video games, the DVD's and all those cable channels.

A dangerous "friend" - It's no wonder, then, that children find the television so attractive. Young children will try to "kiss" their favorite character on Sesame Street, or hug Thomas the Tank Engine.

Sadly, these children, who are too young to understand that it's just a screen they're watching, also have a great deal of curiosity, and will sometimes try to figure things out.

Disastrous possibilities - They have been known to pull the television out, tipping it over on themselves in an effort to "find" Elmo or Barney. These incidents have had disastrous consequences, with children being killed or severely injured by the television.

Autism dangers - Of course, children with autism and other mental disabilities may take longer to understand the danger posed by trying to pull out the television to see if Thomas is really behind that screen.

Prevent death or injury - The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission reported in September of 2006 that so far that year alone there were 10 deaths that they knew of caused by children pulling televisions over onto themselves. The use of a TV Safety Strap system to secure the television along with use of a no-tip furniture bracket system would have saved every one of these kids.

Secure your computer monitor with a TV Safety Strap

Secure ALL televisions - These days, it's not uncommon for children to have a television in their bedroom. The same dangers await them there, too. Simple steps like securing the furniture to the walls with a no-tip furniture bracket kit, and securing the television to the furniture with this TV Safety Strap kit, could save your child's life!

Not just for televisions - Some other home items that can benefit from a TV Safety Strap are the home computer monitor, especially if you still have one of those really big bulky ones, like we do.

Large stereo speakers that sit on a table are also candidates for a TV Safety Strap. Speakers like these can just as easily be pulled over onto a child as a television, and can cause just as much damage to them.


  • Let the adhesive dry for at least 72 hours before attaching the straps.
  • Tuck all cords away from sight if possible to keep children from trying to pull on them.
  • Keep toys, remote controls and other items off the top of your television, computer monitor, speakers, etc. You don't want to give your child any reason to try and climb it or pull it down!
  • Secure your furniture with a No-Tip Furniture Bracket kit, so that neither the television nor the furniture it sits on will hurt your child.

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