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Keep bad language off the TV with Sanyo's "TV Guardian"

**DID YOU KNOW... that Sanyo makes TVs, VCRs and DVD players with a feature called, "TV Guardian", which can be programmed to shut out bad language on TV, videos or DVD's.

As Lucas learned how to use spoken language, we were thrilled.

And when Lucas and his brother were fairly young, we didn't have worries about either of them using inappropriate language.

However, one can only watch Disney movies for so many years! Eventually Lucas and his brother grew older, and we began to watch movies with more mature themes.

But even those rated "PG13" sometimes fell victim to inappropriate language.

For instance, Lucas LOVES watching the movie "Godzilla", with Matthew Broderick.

But we couldn't allow him to learn to say things like, "what the hell?" or "my God," or "damn".

Then we needed to purchase a new video player. We went to Wal-Mart, and much to our surprise, we discovered Sanyo, with it's TV Guardian feature.

The TV Guardian feature works with the "closed captioning" on the video, DVD or TV show.

It somehow uses the captioning to identify bad language, and then edits it out, leaving a snippet of silence where there was bad language.

TV Guardian is very easy to set up. You can choose between "tolerant", "moderate" or "strict" settings, and change them at any time with a few simple pushes of a button.

You have the ability to choose to edit bad words like, "damn" or "hell", religious words (like taking the Lord's name in vain), and sexual references. We just pick everything!

We don't mind the moments of silence in the dialog of a movie, since we pretty much know what's going on. With TV Guardian, we've all enjoyed being able to watch movies for an older audience, like "Jurassic Park", "Ghostbusters", etc.

We've been fans of Sanyo's TV Guardian for about 5 years, now. It's been a real help as Lucas went from 10 years old into adolescence.

Sanyo offers the TV Guardian feature on its televisions, DVD players and VCR machines.

It's very possible that other electronics manufacurers have discovered this idea, and are now making something similiar. We haven't checked, though.

Of course, Sanyo DOES NOT make a device yet that can block out what Lucas hears in the hallways of his public high school, but maybe some day...(Thank God he's in a separate classroom!)

On Another note -

I know several families who allow their autistic child to have a television in their bedroom.

Since the two most common symtoms of autism are a communication deficit and a social deficit, I can't imagine how allowing a child with autism to spend time watching television alone in their room will help them with ANYTHING!!

It may help the parents, but please don't do this to your child.

Sadly, the situations where this occurs can result in someone not making the progress they could make if they were in a room with others, watching TV and hearing the comments, seeing the laughter, etc.

I also know families who have DVD players in the car.

Instead of looking out the window and seeing the cow (which Mom just commented on), or listening to sister sing along with the radio, the child with autism is staring blankly at a screen showing the same movie they've seen a million times (talk about stimming!)

If you are one of these families, please reconsider taking the television out of the child's room, and taking the DVD player out of the car!

Millions of people (including YOU) grew up without this, and even Temple Grandin talks about how much her language improved when her mom took away the phonograph (her equivalent of the TV in the bedroom or DVD player in the car).

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