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#45TL,  $8.00

Toilet Lid lock

Have you priced a plumber lately?! Believe me, it's cheaper to keep things from going into the toilet than it is to get things back out of it....

This lock will attach to all types of toilet seats and lids. It's easy to install and easy to remove.

Keep your child safe from accidents, your bathroom dry, and your pets out of the toilet!

When Lucas was little, his teachers informed us that he liked to give himself what they termed, "Swirlies" at school. He would put his head into the toilet and flush, letting the swirling water massage his scalp. EWWWWW!! It was not an issue at home, because we had locks on our toilets. (Of course that became one of Lucas' first educational goals at school, and sadly, they could not put locks on the school's toilets.)

I hope no one has that problem with their children, but if you do, we've got the solution. No more "swirlies" with our Toilet Lid Lock. Your child can't put his head into the toilet anymore. He also can't put little cars, sister's doll, legos., the cat, or anything else in the toilet, because he needs you to open it for him now.

This lid lock is easy to install, and easy to remove. Get one for each of your toilets, and save the messes, clean up time, plumbers bills, etc.

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