Safety Outlet Cover


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Offers protection AND energy efficiency!

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Safety Outlet Cover is safe and energy 


Finally, an outlet cover that keeps those mysterious black holes covered at all times!

The openings on this Safety Outlet Cover close instantly and automatically when something is unplugged (or if there's nothing plugged into it), making those little holes invisible to curious minds.

Energy efficient - The Safety Outlet Cover also keeps air from passing through those holes, keeping your heat or A/C from leaving (and the outside cold or heat from coming in!)

Contains - Each Safety Outlet Cover comes complete with its own color-matched, custom length screw, so it's ready to install when you receive it. Installation instructions are also included with every Safety Outlet Cover.

Your choice of White or Ivory Safety Outlet Cover.

Choice of colors - Your choice of ivory or white Safety Outlet Covers, to match your decor.

Easy to install - All you need is one flat head screwdriver to install this outlet cover. Installation is fast and easy!

  • First, make sure you've cut the power to the outlet you're working wtih (shut off the circuit breaker or unscrewed the fuse).
  • Unscrew the old outlet cover.
  • Align the new Safety Outlet Cover, and fasten it using the screw that came with it.
  • Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker or fusebox.

To use - Simply slide the 'cover' part to the right, and the holes in the Safety outlet Cover will align for you to plug your appliance in.

The Safety Outlet Cover installs directly over 
your existing outlet.

Fits over existing outlet - Your new Safety Outlet Cover is specifically designed to fit right over the old, existing outlet, hiding those holes completely from view.

The Safety outlet Cover is deeper than standard outlet covers, and comes with a special, longer screw that enables it to align perfectly over the existing outlet.

There's no need to worry about paying an electrician to remove or replace the old outlet.

With just a screwdriver and in under five minutes, you can cover that old outlet AND its mysterious holes, safely and easily.


See the difference? Same outlet, but see how much less noticeable those little holes are in the second photograph?

Mysterious holes can attract someone's 
interest, and result in injury. No more holes showing thanks to the Safety 
Outlet Cover

You can see for yourself how the outlet would look to someone walking past it. No holes to draw any sort of attention!

The Safety Outlet Cover makes them virtually invisible.

They just can't help it - It's been our experience that people with autism just can't help themselves. Sometimes they simply NEED to do certain things, and sometimes those things can be dangerous!

In the case of outlets, sometimes a person with autism sees those intriguing holes, and MUST put something in them, for no other reason than because the holes exist and have been noticed.

But let's face it, if we can get the small stuff under control, there will be more time to focus on the big stuff, like behavior!

And these Safety Outlet Covers can put the issue of those pesky holes to rest, while still giving you complete accessibility to the outlets at all times.

Just one solution - These Safety Outlet Covers are just one solution to the problem of dangerous, obvious outlets, and can be used on outlets that install with 1 screw in the middle.

Another solution - A different solution might be to use black outlet covers, since the holes would then 'blend in' to the surrounding outlet cover, again making them almost invisible. Of course, black outlet covers wouldn't necessarily go with every decor, but in some cases they may be worth a try.

Especially important for outlets higher up - Electrical outlets in kitchens and bathrooms tend to be at eye level, instead of close to the floor. That makes these outlets much more noticeable, to EVERYONE, including someone with autism.

Our kitchen contains six outlets above the counters, and one above sink level in each bathroom.

So it would cost about $30 dollars, including shipping, to provide safety outlet covers for all the most obvious outlets, in both the kitchen and the bathroom!

Start with the important outlets - We suggest that you start with either higher level outlets in the kitchen and bath, or with the ones in the rooms that get the most use. YOU know your situation the best, and should act according to YOUR house's needs.

But considering these Safety Outlet Covers hide those mysterious holes, AND help keep your house insulated by preventing air from passing through the same holes, they're definitely worth the investment!


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