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Choose from: Side-by-Side or Lock With Key style.

Help put an end to that age old question, "Who left the refrigerator door open?"

How many times -
Has your child spoiled their dinner by raiding the fridge?
How many times have you cleaned up spilled milk, juice, etc?
How many times have you needed to clean up broken glass because your little one tried to get something like the jelly jar out, and didn't quite make it to the table?

Now you have more control over the refrigerator door!


Side by Side Refrigerator Fastener

#45SSF,  $7.00

Side by Side Refrigerator Fastener closeup

Using a strong rubber strap and a patented latch, this Side by Side Fastener helps secure the doors of your side by side refrigerator.

The design of this Side by Side Refrigerator Fastener will, at the very least, slow down someone trying to get into the fridge, giving you time to intervene!

Reasonbly priced - At only $7.00, this handy Side by Side Refrigerator Fastener is worth trying while you help your child learn to stay out of the fridge between meals.

Refrigerator Lock With Key

#45RLK,  $30.00

Refrigerator Lock with Key

This Refrigerator Lock comes complete with a padlock and key, great for classrooms, group homes and other settings.

Works on standard fridge or freezer, this refrigerator lock can also be installed on side or top of the fridge. Two kits will handle both doors of a side-by-side, or both the fridge and freezer doors of a standard fridge.

Comes complete - Everything you need to install is provided in this kit; simply clean the installation spots, attach the self stick 'arms', wait 24 hours, then attach the enclosed locking padlock.

PLEASE NOTE - While these Refrigerator Lock systems will help keep your child from getting into the fridge, no system is foolproof.

Please read the helpful hints below for ways to get some control over this situation.

Easy to install

Easy to use

See below for tips

Keep them from seeing it in use - Many have found that the secret to using a refrigerator lock is doing your best to keep your child from seeing you operate it, especially if your child is autistic.

There are many ways to accomplish this:

  • The most obvious and easy one is to block your child's seeing you operate the refrigerator lock, by standing between them and the lock while you open the door.
  • You can also distract your child when you need to use the refrigerator lock ("Look at that butterfly!" or "It's time for Sesame Street.")
  • Having someone else in the house distract your child also works.

We found that simply blocking Lucas' view of the refrigerator lock while we were using it worked for over a year.

For autism - If you have a child with autism, remember to work on whatever issue this refrigerator lock is helping to solve:

For instance, if your child is raiding the fridge and you think it's out of boredom, work on other activities that they can do at that time(computer game, legos, puzzle, etc.)

If you think your child is getting into the refrigerator because they're uncertain about when the next meal time is, work on using a visual schedule for autism. "Seeing" the next meal or snack time on the schedule may lessen their anxiety, and keep them from trying to raid the refrigerator.

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