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Secures 4 pieces of furniture!

Dresser needs No-Tip Furniture Bracket set.

This No-Tip Furniture Bracket set can prevent your child from pulling a heavy piece of furniture on top of themselves, causing serious injury or even killing them.

Secure 4 pieces - You'll receive 8 brackets, 8 straps and all the screws you need to secure 4 pieces of furniture with this No-Tip Furniture Bracket kit, a 1996 Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association award winner.

Easy to install - Clear, easy to follow instructions are included, and the only tools needed are a drill, a stud finder and a screw driver.

Strong - This No-Tip Furniture Bracket kit contains heavy duty straps that attach your furniture to the wall, so your child won't be able to topple the dresser over when he tries to climb it (those drawers make great steps when pulled out!)

This easy to use No-Tip Furniture Bracket kit comes complete with brackets that are screwed to the wall studs behind the furniture (you should use a stud finder, available at any hardware store, to ensure that your brackets are anchored securely). Then just screw another bracket right into to the back of the furniture. A sturdy strap goes through both brackets to secure the furniture to the wall, keeping it from tipping over on your child if they try to climb on it.

No-Tip Furniture Bracket close up

Use them again - These straps are easily removed for those times when you have to clean behind the furniture. The No-Tip Furniture Bracket system can even be reused when you move or rearrange!

Necessary - Once a child begins to move on his or her own, they begin to pull themselves up on just about everything. Coffee tables, kitchen cabinet doors, Dad's leg, nothing escapes the child who is determined to stand!

Unfortunately, many parents, especially new ones, don't realize that the next step is an extremely dangerous routine of climbing just about anything, in an effort to "get up". Bookshelves, tables and TV cabinets all become targets of a child's need to climb.

Critical for autism - This issue is made even more difficult if the child has autism or another mental disability, because the child may not understand even the most basic forms of correction, like, "NO", that other children, even very young ones, can grasp.

The child with autism may continue to climb, especially if, like so many autistic children, they are also dealing with hyperactivity issues.

Dresser needs a No-Tip Furniture Bracket

Dangerous dressers - Then of course, there are dressers, which offer all those drawers that can be easily pulled out to make such wonderful "steps"...

Children are dying - The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that over the five years between 2000 and 2005, more than 80 children have died as the result of furniture and televisions tipping over on them. Many, many more were injured during this same time.

A No-Tip Furniture Bracket kit would have prevented most of these injuries and deaths, especially when combined with a TV Safety Strap kit to secure heavy items that live on top of the furniture, like televisions and computer monitors.

Two of the children who died - from injuries sustained by furniture falling on them were Megan Beck, age 3 and Katie Elise Lambert, age 3 1/2. Megan pulled her dresser over on herself early one morning before Mom & Dad were even awake, and Katie died when an old wardrobe toppled over on her.

The parents of both Megan and Katie have worked hard to convince other parents to take precautions like installing No-Tip Furniture Bracket kits on their heavy furniture. No parent should ever suffer the loss of a precious child when it can be so easily prevented.

They'll grow out of it - Of course, most children will out grow the need to climb, and will eventually understand the danger involved in climbing on furniture. These No-Tip Furniture Brackets can be easily removed at that point, if you choose to do so.

But not with autism - But children with autism and other developmental disabilities might not understand the dangers involved in climbing on the furniture, and they may be much older and larger before they stop. That's why it's even more important to get enough No-Tip Furniture Bracket kits to secure all the furniture in your home that could injure your child if they tipped it over on themselves.

No-Tip Furniture Bracket secures your china cabinet

Look around your home - Do you have heavy, large dining room furniture? We do, and Lucas tried to climb it when he was smaller, opening the door and drawers of our china cabinet in an attempt to climb to the top.

Because of his autism, Lucas continued to try and climb on top of various pieces of our furniture for years until he was large enough to reach everything he wanted (in his case, this took about 10 years!) We never had to appear at the emergency room for this particular trauma, thanks to no-tip furniture bracket kits.

How many - How many dressers, dressing tables, television stands or cabinets, stereo or entertainment units, or computer hutches do you have? What about filing cabinets in your home office, and bookcases?

Will this cause harm? ALL of these pieces of furniture should be looked at with the thought, "Will this cause my child harm if he or she pulls it over on themselves?"

If the answer is, "yes", be sure you have a No-Tip Furniture Bracket set to secure it. Remember, there are enough brackets in each kit for 4 pieces of furniture. Also, BE SURE to screw the bracket into a stud within the wall behind the furniture, and not just into the drywall.

You can't watch them every minute... so help them be safe every way you can!!

What about televisions, etc. - Take one more precaution while you're securing your furniture to the wall, and secure your televisions and computer monitors to the furniture!

We have TV Safety Straps that attach the television or computer monitor to the furniture, so that a child cannot pull this heavy piece of electronics over onto themselves.

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