Medical ID Bracelet

This inexpensive and durable Medical ID Bracelet has the Universal Medical Symbol outside and vital ID info inside.


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$12.00 to $14.00

Scroll down to see your choice of styles & sizes for children, teens and adults:

Medical ID Bracelet - Small size, $12.00

#35MB-SML, fits up to a 6 inch wrist.

Select Color:

Medical ID bracelet size Small, perfect for kids or small wrists.Child's Medical ID bracelets

Your choice of bright pink, pretty purple or brilliant blue, this Medical ID bracelet will fit a wrist up to 6 inches around.


Medical ID Bracelet - Medium size, $13.00

#35MB-MED, fits a 6 to 7 inch wrist.

Select Color:

Medical ID bracelet, pink camoflageMedical ID bracelet, green camoflageMedical ID bracelet, for medium wrists

Your choice of pink or green camouflage print, for wrists up to 7 inches around.
Perfect for teens, this is the coolest looking Medical ID bracelet around!

Medical ID Bracelet - Large size, $14.00

#35MB-LG, fits a 6 1/2 to 8 inch wrist (see note).

Medical ID bracelet, Adult

Designed in gray and black, the Adult size Medical ID bracelet is perfect for older teens or adults with wrists up to 8 inches around.
NOTE: If the bracelet needs to be quite loose, it would only fit wrists up to 7 3/4 inches.)
Its design looks appropriate with everything from school to work attire.

For ANY Medical condition - If your child or loved one has any kind of medical condition, they should wear a Medical ID bracelet or other form of Medical ID every day, everywhere.

Universal Medical Symbol easily seen -

Universal Medical SymbolEach Medical ID bracelet has the universal medical symbol on it, making it easy for emergency personnel and others to know that your loved one has a medical issue, and to look at the bracelet to find out more.

The bracelet also states "Vital ID Inside" quickly directing people to your child's information.

Made to stand up to kids - Each Medical ID bracelet is made of heavy duty nylon webbing, and features a Velcro type closure. They come in cool colors for ALL ages, making them SO much more stylish than those heavy, clunky metal ID bracelets. They're even waterproof, for those trips to the pool!

Waterproof - Perfect for those trips to the pool, or for that summer vacation at the beach.

Stylish - The colors and designs of these Medical ID bracelets are stylish and fashionable for any age.

From the bright pink, blue and purple of the small size through the cool camo designs of the medium sizes that teens will love, to the gray and black that's more fitting for an adult, each Medical ID bracelet will allow you or a loved one to wear their ID with style and pizzaz!

Durable - These Medical ID bracelets are made of nylon webbing, and will last for a LONG time.

Easy to see - The medical symbol accompanied by the words, "VITAL ID INSIDE" ensure that the Medical ID bracelet will be seen for what it is, a way to identify a person and any medical conditions they may have in the event of an emergency.

Comfortable - Every Medical ID bracelet is fully adjustable, thanks to a flexible design and a long Velco type fastener. It's also thoughtfully designed so that the "hook" part of the fastener will not snag clothing or irritate skin!

You fill them out - Your child's Medical ID bracelet will come with two insert cards that YOU complete. This means you don't need to give private info to some stranger over the phone or internet. Just use a permanent marker to fill one information insert out now, and save the other insert card for changes or a spare.

Private until needed - The completed card is easily inserted into the INSIDE of the Medical ID bracelet. There's a pocket in there for it to fit into. This information is not visible to a casual observer, but IS easily accessed by someone in the event of an emergency.

Important ID info - There's room for a name and emergency contact information on one side of the 3 x = inch Medical ID bracelet insert. The other side has places for medical info, including doctor, medications, allergies, conditions, etc.

Wear anywhere and everywhere - Your kids should always have ID with them.
Think about it; on any given day they might be:

  • On a school bus or at school
  • On a field trip
  • At the grocery store
  • At Grandma and Grandpa's house
  • At Day care
  • In the car with Mom or Dad
  • At Church
  • At sister's ballet recital
  • At brother's baseball game
  • At any one of dozen's of other places!

Any of these places could have a fire, the person in charge could have an accident and not be able to care for your child, or they could wander off and get lost from their group. A Medical ID bracelet will help your child get the correct care no matter what.

If your child would not wear a Medical ID bracelet, check out another type of Child ID Kit! Lucas carries an Child ID Card in his wallet, and wears a Medical Alert Tag on his belt everyday.

The important thing is to be sure your child has some sort of ID with them at all times, and that you also have ID for your child at all times, preferable one that shows any medical conditions, medications, allergies, etc.

Sadly, we cannot always assume that the worst won't happen. The best way to protect your child is to be prepared!

We have a Child ID Kit for every need.


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