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Medical Alert Tag, front and back.

The Medical Alert Tag is a simple, inexpensive and easy way to help give information about medical conditions in the event of an emergency.

"OPEN" - The word "OPEN", along with the Universal Medical Symbol, tells first responders and other that crucial medical information is inside this Medical Alert Tag.

Easily Attached - Velcro fasteners easily attach the Medical Alert Tag, and the size makes it perfect for a variety of items:

Hang the Medical Alert Tag on the belt loop or 'carpenter loop' on a pair of pants.

Medical Alert Tag on belt loop.Medical Alert Tag on a 'Carpenter's Loop'.










It also works great on a back pack or luggage handle.

Medical Alert Tag on a back pack.Medical Alert Tag on a luggage handle.












And don't forget your purse, briefcase, diaper bag, etc.

Medical Alert Tag on a purse.

Perfect for vacation - Planning a vacation to Disney World? How about an airplane trip to Gramma's house for the holidays?

The Medical Alert Tag is perfect for people, luggage and other itemes if you or your loved ones have a special need, allergy or medical condition!

SIMPLE - This easy to use Medical Alert Tag is specifically designed to be An inexpensive, simple way to ensure that no matter what, someone with a medical condition can make others aware of that condition..

Small but mighty - Five inches long by one inch high, this Medical Alert Tag is embossed with the Universal Medical Symbol on one side. The reverse side has ample room to record important medical information.

Medical Alert Tag measures five by one inch

BLANK inside - Intentionally kept simple, the interior is completely blank, enabling YOU to decide what's the most important information for YOUR situation.

For Example - You can put...

  • A name
  • A birth date
  • One or more contact phone numbers
  • A doctor name and phone number
  • Medical conditon info
  • Allergy info
  • Blood type
  • Medications taken
  • Any other information that YOU think is important

As you can see from our example, one can fit quite a lot of information inside this Medical Alert Tag!

FOR EVERYONE - Everyone with any sort of medical condition should have a way to share that info with first responders. This Medical Alert Tag is an inexpensive way to help do just that.

Non-Metal - This Tag is made of heavy duty, non-conductive cloth. Unlike metal Metal Alert products, this Medical Alert Tag will make no annoying noises, nor will it cause allergic reactions commonly caused by a metal allergy.

NOT Just for Autism - In this day and age, EVERYONE with a medical condition should have some sort of medical ID on them.

It's ALWAYS better to be safe rather than sorry, and at $2.25 each (less if you buy a 4-pack), it's definitely worth it to make sure that your kids, spouse, parents and other loved ones are all covered if they have any sort of condition, allergy, medical device or special need!



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