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Elegant and beautiful in its simplicity, the Hope Necklace can be worn two different ways. Offered in three colors and two sizes!

Hope Necklace, Aqua

The Hope Necklace in Aqua.

#15HN-A, $17.00

Size: Gift Wrap, $3.00


Aqua Hope Necklace - Perfect for all those who love blue.

Lovely diamond shaped, hand cut crystal beads in shades of deep, aquamarine blue are spaced along on a dark sapphire blue wire.

Small, facetted crystal aurora borealis beads provide accents to the aqua beads, adding additional light and color.


Hope Necklace, Shell

The Hope Necklace in Shell.

#15HN-S, $17.00

Size: Gift Wrap, $3.00


Shell Hope Necklace - For those who love the warmth of earth tones.

The focus is on oval shaped natural shells that offer a gorgeous mother of pearl luminescence in shades of brown and ivory.

Accenting the shells are hand-cut Czech glass beads in a rootbeer color. A deep, reddish pink wire compliments the warm tones perfectly.


Hope Necklace, Green

The Hope Necklace in Green.

#15HN-G, $17.00

Size: Gift Wrap, $3.00


Green Hope Necklace - Vibrant, energy filled greens.

The green Hope Necklace highlights barrel shaped, hand-cut Czech crystal beads, in a beautiful green that carries just a hint of blue.

Strung on a forest green wire, these beads are accented with clear, 'aurora borealis' beads that subtly reflect the colors of the rainbow when light hits them.



Wear the Hope Necklace with the charm in front.Two different looks - You can wear this versatile necklace to suit your mood, switching it whenever you feel the need.


You can wear the Hope Necklace with the "hope" ribbon charm in the front, for all the world to see.



Wear the Hope Necklace with the charm in back, showing off the beads instead.Or, with a quick 'spin' around, you can have a different look entirely, and show off the stunning beads and simple design of the necklace itself, by wearing the "hope" charm in the back.

This way is perfect for so many outfits when you want something simple, airy and charming.


Everyone needs hope - No matter what our circumstances in life, we all have things we'd like to be different. That's where hope comes in.

The Hope Necklace honors - The hopes and dreams that we all have.

  • For our children, that we can provide them with what they need to succeed.
  • For our families, that they remain strong, no matter what.
  • For our health, and the health of those we love.
  • For our teachers, our country, and everything else we hold dear.

There's no doubt about it, without hope, we're lost in a very dark place, unable to help ourselves or those we love.

The beautiful yet simple design of the LucasWorks Hope Necklace helps to remind us in a subtle way that we need to keep the faith and to have HOPE.

Limited quantities - While beautiful, the Hope Necklace is a limited design. Once they're gone they probably won't be back.

Perfect for most necklines - Photos do not do this beautiful necklace justice. Delicate looking and perfect for just about any neckline, the Hope Necklace offers two different looks in one necklace.

Offered in two sizes - The Hope Necklace is offered in your choice of approximately 16 inches long (shown in the photographs above), or 18 inches long. Your choice of sizes ensures that the Hope Necklace will hang the way you prefer.

Well made, boxed and ready - Strong, multistrand wire, a lead free pewter charm with sterling silver links, and a silver plated toggle clasp ensure beauty and durability.

This beautiful necklace also comes to you boxed and ready for gift giving. We'll even gift wrap it for you and ship it to your recipient with a message of your choice!

Ideal for teenagers - With all the trials and tribulations that make up adolescence, the teenage girl on your list will appreciate the thought behind the Hope Necklace in more ways than one.

Especially teens who love someone with a disability - There are times when a girl may not want something like an autism awareness bracelet. She may want something a little more subtle, something different and unique.

So how about a lovely Hope Necklace? It looks great, but instead of screaming "disability awareness", it gently whispers the simple message of HOPE, letting someone feel good about wearing it while showing her sense of style.

Since the 'Hope' charm can be worn to the back or to the front, it's completely up to the individual if anyone even knows it's there! But even worn to the back, the wearer will know that 'HOPE' is there, just a little secret way to keep hope close and constant!


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