Giving Thanks


For those who are new to this life of having a child with autism, you need to know that many, many of us have been where you are.

We have lived through the shock, and we've gone through the grieving process and the terror of knowing that we have no idea what we're doing, because no one prepared us for this.

Listen closely: IT GETS BETTER

It's hard to believe right now, but hang in there; it does get better. As time passes, you will see things differently, and will come to understand that these children can be blessings, once your perspective is adjusted.

When you have an autistic child, life is different than you thought it would be, but you WILL find yourself giving thanks once again, because you'll find much to be thankful for.

Here are a few from my list...

For my wonderful husband -

My husband Alan has been there to watch Lucas when I need a break.

He does the dishes when he knows I've had a rough day, and for 15 long years, he traveled to work 2 states away when we had to move to get Lucas the help he needed.

For Lucas' big brother, Robert -

Robert is Lucas' best friend, and one of his best teachers.

He addressed our state legislature to fight for funding for disabled adults, has taught Lucas how to play, fight, argue and be a friend, and has spent his life standing up for underdogs.

For the professionals

For the most caring, concerned, generous teachers, doctors, therapists, and aides in the world. We parents care because these are our children, but these wonderful people CHOSE to care, and I'm proud to know them.

For each triumph -

Every step forward that Lucas makes is that much more precious because of how hard he has worked to achieve it.

For learning not to sweat the small stuff -

This child of mine has helped me to see life from such a new perspective!

While others worry about political correctness, what people will think, and actually fear things like crime, the economy, etc., I have no worries anymore. I live with the ultimate; a daily battle with autism. There is nothing left to fear except dying before him.

For my faith -

There was a time when I was very angry with God for doing this to me.

But as time passes and I've watched the changes take place, not only with Lucas, but with his brother, my husband and myself, my faith has become so much stronger.

I know now that God does NOT make mistakes, and believe that maybe people like Lucas are here to help the REST OF US become the people God wants us to be!

I know now that God will give me the strength I need to deal with things. Of course, I've also noticed that His Son was normal; that's on my list of things to talk to Him about...

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