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Fragile X Syndrome Bracelet

New Blue Fragile X Syndrome bracelet

Blue, #15FX-B


Gift Wrap, $3.00

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Our newest addition to the Fragile X Syndrome awareness line, this beautiful bracelet is done in an aqua blue color that reflects the colors used by the FRAXA research foundation.

Fragile X Syndrome Bracelet

Original Fragile X Syndrome Bracelet

Pink, #15FX-P


Gift Wrap, $3.00

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The original LucasWorks Fragile X Syndrome bracelet, with a pastel pink base color that goes with everything.
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Fragile X Syndrome Keychain/Purse Charm

Fragile X Syndrome KeychainFragile X Syndrome Purse Charm


Gift Wrap, $3.00

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Attach to your keys, your purse, your backpack or computer case!

Just like the Fragile X Syndrome Bracelet, this beautiful keychain or purse charm comes complete with a card showing how the beads and charms explain something about Fragile X Syndrome.

The Fragile X Syndrome Keychain/Purse charm hangs from a lanyard clip to easily attach to your purse, your keys, or anywhere else, and measures just under six inchs long.

Perfect for people who don't wear jewelry but who still want to show their support for those with Fragile X Syndrome.

All Fragile X Syndrome jewelry comes with a card in English, Spanish or Japanese that explains how every bead and charm on this beautiful Fragile X syndrome Bracelet helps teach people about children with Fragile X Syndrome:
Fragile X Syndrome bracelet insert

The Fragile X Syndrome Bracelets and Fragile X Keychain/Purse Charm are versions of our Autism Awareness Bracelet and Keychain/Purse Charm, specifically made to bring attention and awareness to Fragile X Syndrome!

According to the FRAXA (Fragile X Research Foundation), Fragile X Syndrome is the leading genetic cause of autism.

It's because of this connection that we've created the Fragile X Syndrome Bracelet and Keychain/Purse Charm.

These handmade pieces acknowledge the overlapping relationship between Fragile X Syndrome and Autism with an iridescent "X" next to the 'autism' puzzle piece.

They feature - Beautiful beads of Czech glass, moonstone, mountain jade and hemitite, with charming, USA made lead-free pewter charms.

One of these charms is an "X" charm with light catching multi-colored enamel highlighting it. This charm overlaps the puzzle charm, just like Fragile X Syndrome and Autism overlap.

Like all our Autism Awareness Jewelry, every LucasWorks Fragile X Syndrome Bracelet and Fragile X Keychain/Purse Charm is presented in a beautiful velvet jewelry pouch, with a card that explains how the beads and charms teach people about Fragile X Syndrome.

The bracelet slides on easily, thanks to it's "stretchy" construction. No need for a helper to fasten it for you!

Our Fragile X Syndrome bracelet comes in your choice of sizes:

  • "Sm.-Med." fits wrists up to about 6 3/4 inches
  • "Med. - Lg." fits wrists 6 3/4 to about 7 3/4 inches
  • Of course, we can always make one custom for you if your wrist is larger or smaller than this.

Making Fragile X and Autism Awareness productsMade by people with autism and developmental disabilities - Like all of our Autism Awareness Jewelry, these beautiful Fragile X Syndrome items are handmade by people with autism and developmental disabilities.

They learn real job skills assembling these products, and also learn and practice appropriate "on the job" behavior, like dressing properly, using words or pictures to ask for materials, washing their hands, etc.

Lauren Padgett was inspired to create the "Fragile X" line of products when the company was invited to attend a cook out and fundraiser for Fragile X Syndrome.

Lauren discovered that Fragile X Syndrome is incredibly similar to autism in many ways. In fact, the two conditions overlap each other, not just in symptoms, but also in treatments.

About Fragile X Syndrome:

  • Fragile X Syndrome is an inherited condition. In addition to being the most common known inherited cause of autism, it's also the most common inherited cause of mental impairment (after Down's Syndrome).
  • A simple DNA blood test can tell if your child has Fragile X Syndrome.
  • Symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome can range from mild learning disabilities and hyperactivity to severe mental retardation and autism.
  • Helping a child with Fragile X Syndrome is very similar to helping a child with autism, with intensive educational supports like special education, speech, occupational and physical therapy, and even help with sensory issues (like learning to deal with loud noises or certain lighting situations, for example) if a child needs it. There are also medications to help with issues like hyperactivity and anxiety.
  • Thanks to research at MIT and other places, there are some very promising treatments on the horizon for Fragile X syndrome. There is the real possibility that in our lifetime, treatments could be developed that could actually reverse the symptoms!
  • These same treatments could be used to treat autism, too.
  • Visit FRAXA to learn much more about Fragile X Syndrome.

IMAGINE a true treatment for Fragile X Syndrome AND autism in our lifetime!! One that will help people's brains work properly! WOW!!!

In the meantime, keep them safe - Children with Fragile X Syndrome can have just as much trouble understanding danger and coping with everyday life as children with autism.

Child Safety Products - LucasWorks offers Child Safety products to help protect your child from their hyperactivity, climbing, etc. You can't be there every second, so do all you can to keep them safe!

Child ID kit - We have a Child ID kit for every child, from wallet ID cards to ID that can be worn on shoes or a belt.

Teaching Temperature - LucasWorks' patented Apparel Indicating Thermometer makes teaching temperature concepts easy by showing "what to wear out there".


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