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A Custom Made Eyeglass Chain made just for you. Gift Wrap option, too!



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Eyeglass Chain, Pink

Eyeglass Chain, Clear

Eyeglass Chain, Blue



Explanation of the Autism Story


Our latest way to spread autism awareness - Like our other handmade Autism Awareness jewelry, this Eyeglass Chain comes with an explanation in your choice of English, Spanish or Japanese, explaining how the beads and charms teach about autism!

Whether your glasses are on or off, a these beautiful Eyeglass Chain will hold them securely.

And just like the Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse Charm (shown at left) and other jewelry, the beads and charms on the Lucasworks Eyeglass Chain show different ways to help people with autism.


Made to order - Your Eyeglass Chain will be made specifically for you! YOU choose the length and color you want, and we'll make it exactly like you want it. Your custom eyeglass chain will ship within 2-3 business days of receipt of your order.

Your choice of colors and lengths - Our eyeglass chain comes in a wide variety of lengths to fit everyone. You have your choice of pink, clear or blue fire-polished crystal beads, too.

  • Length - Ranges from about 22 inches to about 36 inches, including the ends.
    Note: Since the beads used to create these eyeglass chains are hand-made, the lengths listed are approximate lengths.
  • Pink - The Pink eyeglass chain uses the same pale pink beads as in our Autism Awareness Bracelet, making them a perfect match.
  • Clear - Clear Aurora Borealis beads which reflect rainbow hues are used in the Clear eyeglass chain.
  • Blue - For all the Blue Lovers, pale Sapphire beads form the basis for our Blue eyeglass chain.

For all eyeglass types - Whether you wear reading glasses, sunglasses, or safety goggles, this is a stylish and informative way to keep them handy.

A great gift idea - Do you know a teacher, mom, grandmother, aunt, nurse, doctor, therapist or other person who works or lives with an autistic person?

If they wear glasses, an eyeglass chain would make a great gift for:

  • Thank you
  • Mother's Day
  • Birthday
  • Autism Awareness Month (April)
  • End of school year
  • Anniversary

You can even have your purchase beautifully gift wrapped, and sent directly to your loved one with a personal message from you!

Hand made - Every Eyeglass Chain is hand made with the help of someone with autism, who learns job skills like following the assembly directions, working carefully in their assigned space, keeping their assigned work space neat, preparing orders for shipping, and many more.

Beautifully presented - Like all of our Autism Awareness jewelry products here at LucasWorks, your Eyeglass Chain will arrive in a lovely velvet pouch, with a card that explains the "autism story", and how every bead and charm tells how to help people with autism.

Well made - We take the time to make these right, down to the smallest detail:

  • Multi-strand wire to start - Every, single eyeglass chain is strung on multi-strand, nylon coated, stainless steel wire, making it strong, flexible and comfortable.
  • High quality glass beads - We use handmade and pressed Czech glass beads for our eyeglass chain, along with lead free pewter charms made here in the U.S.A.
  • The larger beads are pressed or cut glass, moonstone, hemitite, and even one gold-plated bead. Then hand-made, fire-polished Czech glass crystal beads make up the remainder of the eyeglass chain.
  • Every cut glass or crystal bead is cushioned by smaller beads, to prevent them from cutting each other or fraying the wire. The smaller beads are silver lined, to catch the light (one of those "smallest details"!)
  • Flexible end caps - The end caps are stretch elastic, for easy attachment and removal of your eyeglasses.
  • Custom sizes available - While we offer standard sizes from 22 to 36 inches, we're happy to make you a custom length Eyeglass Chain. Just contact us and let us know what you want.

Just think, you can spread autism awareness while looking chic and stylish, all at the same time!

Other Autism Awareness pieces - We have other Autism Awareness products with the "autism story" on them, all made with the help of people with autism. All our Autism Awareness Jewelry helps teach job skills to someone with autism.

We even have an Autism Lanyard for your work ID!

Learn more about us and our mission to help those with autism and other disabilities.


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