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These Child Safety Tattoos offer an easy way to keep ID on your child, and like our Autism Tattoo kits, they're especially perfect for traveling.

BOYS' Child Safety Tattoos

#35CST-B,  $10.00

GIRLS' Child Safety Tattoos

#35CST-G,  $10.00

Child Safety Tattoo for boys

Ideal for:


Field trips

Amusement parks

Sporting events

Shopping trips

Just about anywhere!

Child Safety Tattoo for girls

BOYS and GIRLS kits -Offered in your choice in your choice of design for a boy or a girl, Child Safety Tattoos come with everything you need to apply AND remove temporary tattoos with a telephone number on them.


Girls' Child Safety Tattoos - This kit features three different designs for girls:

Two Heart designs
Girls' Child Safety Tattoo, heart design

Two Butterfly designs
Girl's Child Safety Tattoo, butterfly design

Two Pony designs
Girl's Child Safety Tattoo, pony design


Boys' Child Safety Tattoos - For boys, the kit offers tattoos in these three designs:

Two Rocket designs
Boys' Child Safety Tattoo, rocket ship design

Two Dino designs
Boy's Child Safety Tattoo, dinosaur design

Two Dog designs
Boy's Child Safety Tattoo, dog design

Each Child Safety Tattoos kit contains:

  • Six individual temporary child safety tattoos, each with the message, "If I am lost, please help me be found." There's also a space to write your telephone number, for quick notification if your child becomes lost.
  • Six individually sealed moisture wipes, to clean the Safety Tattoo's application area before applying a Child Safety Tattoo.
  • Six individually wrapped alcohol wipes, if you choose to remove the tattoo rather than let it wear off with time.
  • One waterproof marking pen, to write your telephone number on the tattoo once you've applied it.

Portable - The Child Safety Tattoos kit is small enough to carry in a purse or glove compartment. It comes in a re-sealable plastic sleeve that keeps everything portable and organized.

Easy to use -Child Safety Tattoos are easy to apply.

  • First, figure out where on your child you want to put the Child Safety Tattoo. Keep in mind that, while you may want it to be an area where your child won't notice it, you also want it to be in a place where it can be found if it's needed!
  • The best place to put Child Safety Tattoos is on the back of your child's hand; it's easy to find there in the event your child gets separated from the group.
  • BUT...if you think your child will mess with the tattoo, try the back of an upper arm, just above the elbow. The best results are achieved on an area free of much body hair, so that area is perfect.
  • Wash the area of application with soap and water, and dry it thoroughly.
  • Once the area is completely dry, peel off the clear, protective top sheet, and place the Child Safety Tattoo face down on the skin.
  • Hold a moisture wipe (or a wet wash cloth, paper towel or sponge) against the back of the tattoo and press down firmly. Hold for 30 seconds.
  • At that point, carefully lift a corner to see if the tattoo has adhered to the skin. If you need to, leave the wet cloth on for a few more seconds, and then carefully peel the paper off the skin.
  • Once Child Safety Tattoos are completely dry, use the enclosed pen to write your emergency phone number directly onto the space within the tattoo, and your child is good to go, complete with an ID that won't come off for a few days!

Non-Toxic, FDA approved - The ink used in both the Child Safety Tattoos AND the Autism Tattoo kits has been approved as 'Non-Toxic' by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Long Lasting - While the directions state that Child Safety Tattoos will last from three to five days, we've had customers tell us that they lasted for five to seven days of a child swimming, bathing, sweating and otherwise being a kid!

Even at the bare minimum of three days, just one package of Child Safety Tattoos will keep a child covered with important ID information for eighteen days.

Easy peace of mind - As parents, we worry about our kids; we're supposed to! It only takes a few seconds for a child to get separated from the group, whether on vacation, at the museum or elsewhere.

Using Child Safety Tattoos gives you an easy way to know that if your child gets lost, THEY'LL have the information needed to contact you, and YOU'LL have the peace of mind knowing that they're prepared 'just in case'!

Great for ALL travel - Traveling to Disney World? Child Safety Tattoos are a perfect idea when vacationing. They also work for field trips, a visit to Gramma's house, a day at the beach, summer camp, and everywhere else that's "away from home".

Especially important for little ones - We've all been there, with a two or three year old who sees something and just BOLTS for it! If you're in a busy place (the mall at Christmas, the amusement park during the summer, the beach, etc.), they can disappear in the the crowd in a second.

Ask yourself -When you have plans for your child to go somewhere, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a chance my child could become lost here?
  • If they do, will they know how to contact me, where they should go or how to find their way back?

If the answers to these questions give you cause for concern, consider using Child Safety Tattoos.

AUTISM TATTOO - We also offer an Autism Tattoo kit made specifically to help protect someone with autism in case they get lost.

See our complete Child ID Kit selection, for other types of child ID.



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