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Child Safety Products will help ensure the safety of your child with autism, pdd and other special needs while at home, at school or in other environments (day care, Gramma's, etc.)

NO-TIP FURNITURE BRACKET - Child Safety Products #45NFB


Is your child a "climber"? (Many children with autism and pdd are.)

No-Tip Furniture Bracket details

Kit includes:

  • 8 ea. - Sets of furniture brackets
  • 8 ea. - Furniture straps, one for each set of brackets
  • All screws necessary for attaching brackets to furniture and wall, and straps to brackets.

This No-Tip Furniture Bracket set will attach up to 4 pieces of furniture to your walls, using two sets of brackets per piece of furniture.

This bracket kit will secure dressers, bookcases, TV cabinets, etc. to the walls, enhancing child safety in the home. If your child tries to climb on the furniture, it will not tip over.

The brackets are easily removed for cleaning or when you're ready to re-arrange the furniture, and can be re-used.

No-Tip Furniture Bracket details.

Every year, children are injured when televisions or furniture tips over on them. Children with autism or PDD don't always know that it's dangerous to climb on these things. It's easy to secure your furniture and your TV with these Child Safety Products.

TV SAFETY STRAP - Child Safety Products #45TVS

$21.00Made in the USA

Another Child Safety Product that can help keep "climbers" safe!

TV Safety Strap details

Kit includes: two straps, screws and instructions. One kit is enough to secure an item up to 50 pounds. For items up to 100 pounds, use two kits.

Children can be seriously injured and even killed if they pull a television or a computer monitor over onto themselves. These straps ensure that YOUR child is safe from that type of horrible accident.

Works for tv's. computers, stereos, etc. to keep items from falling on heads. Use the furniture brackets sold above to secure furniture to the wall, then attach the television, etc. to the furniture!

TV Safety Strap details.

WINDOW SAFETY GUARD - Child Safety Products #45WSG

$9.00Made in the USA

Window Safety Guard details

The Window Wedge® Window Safety Guard keeps a window from opening more than you want it to, helping to keep your child safe around open windows.

It even helps protect your home against intruders.

Easily installed without the need for tools, this Window Safety Guard works on single hung windows, double hung windows and even horizontal "slider" style windows!

Fully adjustable, the Window Safety Guard can be removed from the inside in seconds in the event of an emergency.

Window Safety Guard details.


SAFETY OUTLET COVER - Child Safety Products

#45SOC,  $3.50 each

Select Color:

Set of four - #45SOC-4,  $13.00

Select Color:
Safety Outlet Cover details

The little holes in an electrical outlet can be very tempting to the curious, but now those mysterious holes are covered by the Safety Outlet Cover's sliding door.

In your choice of white or ivory, the Safety Outlet Cover makes those little holes disappear, safely and automatically!

In addition to safety, every Safety Outlet Cover helps contribute to your home's energy efficiency, by not letting air pass in or out through your outlet!

Safety Outlet Cover details.


CHILD LOCATOR - Child Safety Products #45CL

$30.00 SALE $24.00

Select Color:

Some Child Safety Products are perfect for "runners"!

Child Locator detailsChild Locator details The Child Locator includes:

  • A bear-shaped receiver.
  • A transmitter that attaches to your keyring.
  • Batteries for both receiver AND transmitter.


This little bear can help you locate your child when, like most young children, they run to the next aisle in the store.

Just press the button on the transmitter attached to your keychain, and the bear will "chirp", leading you to your child.

Easy to follow instructions means that you'll be using it immediately upon receipt. Our Child Locator comes in your choice of brown or pink, so you're covered for the rough and tumblers AND the little women in your life!

Child Locator details.

REFRIGERATOR LOCK 2 styles to choose from!

Side by Side Refrigerator Fastener - Child Safety Products

#45SSF,  $7.00

Side by Side Refrigerator Fastener details


Made of sturdy rubber with a patented clasp, this inexpensive and easy to use fastener helps to secure your side-by-side refrigerator.

Secures both the refrigerator AND the freezer sides of the unit, keeping the doors closed, the cold air in and the warm air out.


Refrigerator Lock with Key - Child Safety Products

#45RLK,  $30.00

Refrigerator Lock with Key

This kit comes complete with a lock and key, and works on a standard fridge or freezer door. Great for a classroom or office, too.


BOTH of the above Refrigerator Locks help to cut down on those nasty spills caused by little hands that can't quite carry that big milk carton!

They come complete with easy to read directions.
Help keep your little ones from getting into things without your permission with these Refrigerator Locks.

Refrigerator Lock details.

TOILET LOCK - Child Safety Products #45TL


Toilet Lid Lock details

Prevent the danger and the mess of children (or animals) getting into the toilet.

How many times has your child put something into your toilet that stopped it up?

Have you encountered that lovely mess all over the bathroom floor, or perhaps the family pet taking a drink again?

This lock will prevent that from happening. Easy for adults to open, but keeps children and pets from playing in the toilet.

Toilet Lock details.

Keep them safe - Child safety products are critical in any home where children spend time.
But in the case of children with autism, child safety products become even more important.

They don't understand - Many children with autism simply don't understand the dangers of climbing on furniture, playing in the toilet, trying to drag the television closer or running off.

Even when they're bigger - Unfortunately, they may not understand those dangers even as they grow older, larger and stronger!

Because of this, it's even more important to make sure that the appropriate child safety products are in place to protect your child from accidents.

Not just at home - Does your child spend time at Gramma's house or the babysitters?

If so, those homes should also have child safety products in place to secure against accidents.

We've tested them - LucasWorks child safety products are the best value we've found for the money, too.

Every one has been tested, and works like it's supposed to as long as directions are followed.

Use care - One word of caution though: DO NOT let your child see how these child safety products are attached (or detached)! It won't take them long to figure things out once they see how it works!

Remember, just because your child is autistic doesn't mean they're not smart as a whip, especially when it comes to something they want (like learning how the refrigerator lock works!)

We owe it to our kids - To protect them whenever and wherever we can! Installing appropriate child safety products can make a real difference, for them AND for your whole family.


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