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Children's ID Card2007 Adding Wisdom Award Medical Card

**The Child Safety Kit contains ID's, medical authorization card, DNA and fingerprint info and more; just what you need for emergencies.

If you are in a car accident and are unconscious, police and emergency personnel will know if your child has any allergies or conditions, and can treat them IMMEDIATELY if they find this ID card with its medical info & authorization. The Child Safety Kit comes with three ID cards to help you cover every eventuallity.

If your child gets sick or hurt at Gramma's or the sitters, the Medical Authorization Card that you left with them ensures that the caregiver can get them prompt medical assistance.

This Child Safety Kit contains the following:

ID Cards

Children's ID Card

  • You will receive 3:
  • One for your wallet,
  • One with a strap for luggage, a diaper bag or a backpack,
  • One for your child's car seat (either their baby seat, their booster seat or the regular seat if they're older).

The Child Safety Kit includes two self-adhesive Velcro dots to attach this ID to the car seat, the inside of your glove compartment, etc. Each ID card comes with a clear, self laminating cover. After you've filled them out, simply laminate the ID cards with the covers and you're good to go.

The backs of these ID cards contain a place for you to authorize emergency medical treatment. If you are incapacitated, or if your child is not in your care, emergency personnel can provide the treatment they need immediately with this card. There's also a place to list your child's medical conditions, medications, doctors, etc.

Medical Authorization card

Medical Card

This card is the one you leave with the person watching your child. When they go to Gramma's house or anywhere else, the person caring for them can get them medical attention if they fall off the swing, get stung by a bee and swell up, or eat something that doesn't agree with them. It can be a literal life saver for children with serious medical conditions or allergies.

The card front allows you to authorize emergency medical treatment for your child, while the back has plenty of space to list their medications and other information. A clear self laminating cover is included for this card. After you've filled the card out, just place it into the cover.

Temporary ID Wristband

Temporary ID Wristband

The Child Safety Kit includes three waterproof Temporary ID Wristbands. Use a waterproof pen or marker to complete the reverse side of the wristband with your child's information or your name and cell phone number, and use for vacation, visits to grandparents house, family picnic, etc. These Temporary ID Wristbands allow quick and easy ID for up to a week.


This kit also includes:

Child Fingerprint folder

  • One ID/DNA/Fingerprint kit, with a child profile sheet, complete instructions and an FBI approved ink strip.
  • One vinyl light use ID bracelet, for a trip to the zoo, a field trip, etc. Write your child's name and your phone # on the inside of the bracelet with a permanent marker (NEVER ON THE OUTSIDE.)

HINT: Be sure to fill the cards out completely before laminating them! I forgot to sign the Medical Release authorization card for Lucas, and once that laminate is on, it's not coming off. (I had to get a new card and start all over!)


We offer a Child ID Kit for every need.


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