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Child Locator, #45CL

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Child Locator pink

Child Locator details:

Child Locator pink

This Child Locator is great! The little bear lives on your child's shoe or belt, and emits a chirping sound when activated by a transmitter that can be put on your key chain, belt, purse, etc.

For "wanderers" - If your child wanders off, whether into the next aisle at Wal-Mart or anywhere else, just press the button on your transmitter, and the Child Locator bear begins to "chirp", enabling you to locate your child quickly and easily.

Track them by the noise - The signal on this Child Locator transmits up to 150 feet away when you press the button! For those of us with autistic children, if the Child Locator's chirping makes our kids start making noise (as with my Lucas), we have double the noise to track them down with!

Child Locators

Picture it - You're at the shopping mall, the farmer's market or the county fair. Suddenly your child sees a clown, his favorite carnival ride, or Santa Claus. Or you're comparing prices in the grocery store, when your child impulsively decides to go find his favorite cereal. Just hit that button on your key chain, and the child locator will home in on your child with sound, leading you to them.

Ready to use - The Child Locator comes complete with batteries,in your choice of pink or brown. With its easy to read instructions, you'll be using it right away. And with prices on everything going through the roof, this little Child Locator is much more reasonably priced that many other child locator systems on the market.

But just in case - In addition to a Child Locator, you also need to have a Child ID Card available for you, your husband and your child. That way all of you have all the pertinant information about your child right at hand if you need to get help, no matter where you are!

We have a Child ID Kit to fit everyone's needs. Just take a look and select the one that's appropriate to your situation.

We even have a Medical Alert Tag that your child can wear on their shoe, their belt or their backpack!

They can't resist - When my children were young, they couldn't resist the toy aisle of any store. No matter how many times I told them to stay where I could see them, they would wander out of my sight occasionally. I wish I had this Child Locator then!!

They don't understand the danger - Children with autism and other developmental disabilities do not recognize the dangers involved if they wander away from a parent or caregiver. Like someone who is just 2 or 3 years old, children with autism can be much older and much larger, but still not be able to understand that they need to stay with their parent or caregiver, making the need for a Child Locator imperative.


But it does offer a way to quickly find your child when they wander off.

Don't take the chance - We attended an Autism Walk this year that was named in honor of a young man who wandered away from home, and unfortunately, was not found until several days later. He had died from exposure to the elements. No one will ever know if a Child Locator would have enabled his family to find him in time to save his life.

It seems like every week there's another story in the papers about a child with autism who wanders off. There's no question about it, families with autistic children sometimes need locks on every door or window, and even then they still need reinforcements in case their child gets out.

Reasonably priced - But with all the other expenses involved in raising someone with autism, who can afford to spend several hundred dollars on a child locator system? Our Child Locator is reasonably priced, because families should not have to decide between their child's safety and their child's doctor visits, therapies, medications, etc!

Think of the peace of mind you can have in the grocery store, at the mall, in a crowded subway station, on vacation, the list goes on and on. This little bear is one more link in keeping your child as safe as possible.

Please note: This product does not necessarily provide a way to locate husbands in the hardware store...

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