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A Child ID Kit can speak for your child even when they can't!

Special Needs Car Sign - Child ID Kit

AUTISM Special Needs Car Sign

#35SNC-A,  $7.00


AUTISM Special Needs Car Sign

Special Needs Car Sign

#35SNC,  $7.00


Special Needs Car Sign

The highly visible Special Needs Car sign is designed to be removed from the vehicle and GO WITH you to the hospital in the event of an emergency!

That means that thanks to this Child ID Kit, first responders, ambulance personnel AND emergency rooms have immediate access to vital medical information AS SOON AS THEY SEE THE PATIENT.

In your choice of 'Special Needs' or 'Autism', each Special Needs Car Sign has a place for you to add the medical info for your loved one!

Special Needs Car Sign details shows all the places this sign can be placed.


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Medical Alert Tag
#35MAT, $2.00

Medical Alert Tag SET OF 4
#35MAT-4, $7.50

Medical Alert Tag

Three Universal Medical Symbols are displayed on every Medical Alert Tag, to quickly alert first responders to a medical condition.

The inside of the Medical Alert Tag is blank, to be completed by you with name, medical info, allergies, etc.

This Child ID Kit easily attaches via Velcro to belt loop, back pack, purse, shoe, harness, etc.

Choose from a simple, single tag, or save with the set of 4. Either way this Medical Child ID Kit ships for free!

Medical Alert Tag details.


#35MB-SML, $12.00


Small sized Medical ID Bracelet details

Small size fits wrists up to 6 inches. Your choice of pink, purple or blue.

#35MB-MED, $13.00


Medium Medical ID Bracelet details
Medium size fits wrists 6 to 7 inches. Camouflage green or camouflage pink.

#35MB-LG, $14.00

Color: Charcoal

Large Medical ID Bracelet details

Large size fits wrists
6 1/2 to 7 3/4 or 8 inches, depending on how loose it needs to be.
Color is grey and black.

Medical ID Bracelet contains: One Medical ID Bracelet in your choice of size and color, with 2 ID inserts.

  • Comfortable, durable and waterproof, this medical ID Bracelet comes in a size and color to suit just about anyone, from a small child to an adult!
  • YOU fill out the information, and it stays hidden inside the Medical ID Bracelet until it's needed.
  • Each of our Medical ID Bracelet Child ID Kits has the universal medical symbol on the outside, so that if someone needs to identify your loved one, they'll know to look there right away.

Medical ID Bracelet details.

Made in the USA



Winner of the 2006 AND 2007 Parent to Parent "Adding Wisdom Award".

Child ID Card DNA/Fingerprint folder

  • Child Safety Kit contains:
  • 1 ea.- DNA/Fingerprint kit with FBI approved ink strip
  • 3 ea.- Child ID cards
  • 1 ea.- Medical Authorization card
  • 3 ea. - Temporary ID Wristbands
  • 1 ea. - Vinyl ID bracelet
  • 4 ea. - Clear, self seal covers, for each completed ID and Medical Authorization card.

This Child ID Kit also contains 2 Velcro dots for attaching 1 ID to a car seat, inside the glove box door, etc.

Don't be caught without these important items!

  • Child ID cards for car, outings, etc. If your child becomes separated from you, or if you become incapacitated, your child can get the help they need.
  • There are three waterproof Temporary ID Wristbands for use on vacation or trips.
  • The DNA/Fingerprint kit can be filled out easily and quickly, and put somewhere safe. We hope you will NEVER need it, but it is vital to have it just in case.
  • There's even a Medical Authorization card that you can give to a care giver so that they can get your child instant emergency help without waiting to contact you in an emergency!

Child Safety Kit details.

Made in the USA


$10.00 (6 tattoos)

This temporary tattoo goes on quickly and stays on for days!

Autism TattooAutism Tattoo kit contains:

  • 6 ea. - autism tattoos
  • 6 ea. - wipes for cleaning skin prior to applying tattoo
  • 1 ea. - marker for writing name and phone number on tattoo
  • 6 ea. - alcohol wipes for easy removal of tattoo

A Child ID Kit for children who could lose or take off other types of ID's.

This Child ID Kit comes complete with supplies for 6 easy to use autism tattoos. It even includes the pen to write your emergency contact number on it!

Autism Tattoo kit details. NOTE: See other Child Safety Tattoos below!

Made in the USA


BOYS' Child Safety Tattoos

#35CST-B,  $10.00

GIRLS' Child Safety Tattoos

#35CST-G,  $10.00

Child Safety Tattoos for boys

Child Safety Tattoos for girls

Like the Autism Tattoo kit above, these Child Safety Tattoos are a portable, easy way to keep your telephone number with your kids in case they get lost!

Specially made for a boy or a girl, each kit contains three different designs (two of each) that your child will love.

Great for trips, and each of these kit comes complete with everything you'll need for up to six uses:

  • Six Child Safety Tattoos in your choice of 'boys' or 'girls' designs.
  • Six moisture wipes to clean the skin prior to application.
  • Six alcohol wipes for easy removal of the child safety tattoo.
  • One waterproof pen for use writing your telephone number within the tattoo.

Child Safety Tattoos kit details.

Made in the USA


Child Fingerprint Kit
#35FP, $5.00

Child Fingerprint Kit contains:

  • 1 ea. - Fingerprint/DNA folder
  • FBI approved ink strip
  • Sterile cotton swab for DNA collection
  • DNA collection bag
Child Fingerprint Kit folder


This Child ID Kit selection contains the necessary basics for quick action.

It contains the same DNA/Fingerprint kit as our Child Safety Kit and can be carried by you, your child, your spouse, etc.

Child Fingerprint Kit details.


Made in the USA


$10.00 (five cards)

Child ID CardChild ID Card kit contains:

  • 5 ea. - Child ID Cards just like the ones in our Child Safety Kit
  • 5 ea. - Clear, self-stick covers for completed cards

These cards are perfect for wallet, parents, caregivers, etc. Keep one in the glove box, and don't forget one for the child's wallet or backpack!

The idea is to be sure that if something happens, you can quickly get your child's information to the people who need it.

In the past years there have been incidents at schools, hurricanes, and awful attacks against our country. While we all hope these things will never happen to us, sometimes we can't control life, and things happen. I feel better knowing that we have both of our children's information easily accessible in cars, wallets, at school and at home, just in case.

Child ID Card details.


$30.00 SALE $24.00


This is NOT a Child ID Kit, but it's important enough to have on both our Child Safety Products AND our Child ID Kit pages!

Child Locator in pink or brown

When your child takes off, don't waste time! Press the button on your keyring, and the little bear on your child's shoe or belt will begin to chirp, enabling you to find them quickly.

This Child Locator comes complete and is ready to use as soon as you install the enclosed batteries. None of us wants to think about our kids taking off, but it sure is good to know that if it happens, you can respond quickly!

Child Locator details.

Your children should have ID with physical description, important phone numbers, medical info, allergies and more, in case of an emergency. We can help, with a Child ID Kit for just about everyone and every situation.

Think about it -

  • School ID cards usually have nothing more than a child's picture and maybe an ID number. A child should have contact phone numbers, medical issues, and doctor's name on their ID.
  • A child should have a complete ID with them at all times.
  • At school, on the bus, after school sports, at daycare, at Boy Scouts, things can happen anywhere.

Instant Access - A Child ID Kit from LucasWorks will give you and others instant access to ALL the info needed to find and/or help your child, from their description to what medicines they take, to permission for treatment in the event of an emergency!

Every day, NO MATTER WHERE WE GO, we ensure our son Lucas' safety with items from a Child ID Kit:

Just in case - Lucas, his dad, his teacher and I each carry a Child ID card for Lucas, so that if he becomes separated from whoever he's with, both Lucas AND the adult caregiver have immediate access to his photo, fingerprint, medical info, etc.

In the cars, too - There are also ID & medical authorizations in each of our cars, and Lucas wears additional ID on his belt (a Shoe ID Tag).

Everywhere, all the time - No matter where we are, at home or on the road, if there's an accident, paramedics or rescue personnel will know about Lucas' autism, medications, and also have permission to treat him, even if the adults with him are unconscious, because they will have the necessary authorization thanks to a Child ID Kit.

Can your child tell someone? If you have a child with autism or other special needs, and that child becomes lost or separated from you or their caregiver, teacher, etc., could they tell someone their name or your name?

Maybe not! As someone with an autism spectrum disorder or mental retardation, your child may not be able to tell someone their name, let alone their medical situation or condition, if they become lost.

If your child has diabetes or a seizure disorder, will someone know about it if they are involved in an accident?

Do rescue personnel KNOW about autism? In the case of someone with autism, in addition to your loved one's inability to communicate their vital information, you probably already know that far too many people just do not know much about autism or its manifestations.

Sadly, this group is not just limited to neighbors and store employees, but includes law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel, paramedics, park service employees; the list goes on and on.

Does your child even know there's a problem? Add to this the fact that many people with autism and other mental disabilities don't even realize that there's a problem if they wander away, so they don't behave like someone who is lost.

This means that even if Mom tells the store manager about it, store personnel are looking for someone who is probably crying and acting confused, which is NOT necessarily what your child is doing!

Take heart! We have a Child ID kit for most situations, and one way to help keep EVERY child safe is to provide easy access this vital information in the event of a lost child or an emergency.


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