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Child ID Card

Includes - There are five Child ID Cards in this kit, with areas for personal details on the front and medical information on the back. Information includes a physical description (photo, height, weight, birth date, and even a "date issued" section so that people will know if he might be a little bigger/older than the Child ID Card indicates).

There's plenty of space for plenty of phone numbers, including home, cell, work, and emergency phone numbers. Your child's school picture shows their head at just about the right size for this card, and most people find that they can use that photo by just cutting it down a little bit.

The back of each Child ID Card also contains a place for your signature, authorizing emergency medical treatment in case you are incapacitated and your child needs help. You can list any allergies, medical conditions, medications or birthmarks, along with doctor and dentist information. There's even a spot for your child's fingerprint, just in case...

Keep them current - While your child is young and growing, these Child ID Cards should be replaced as often as is necessary to reflect your child's current appearance, size, etc. Once they get older, replacement should be when your child looks different, or when the details on the card change significantly (they gain or lose a lot of weight, get braces, etc.)

Each Child ID Card comes complete with a self adhesive, clear cover, to seal and protect it after you've filled them out. We NEVER go ANYWHERE without a Child ID Card!!

Keeps private information PRIVATE - Each Child ID Card offered by LucasWorks is filled out completely by you. There's NEVER any reason to give your child's information to a stranger, either over the phone, at a public event or over the internet. We've all too many news stories reminding parents to not put a child's information on the internet, for a very good reason. If you don't know the person you are giving that information to, are you sure you can trust them?

For all care givers - My son Lucas, my husband and I each carry a Child ID Card from this kit, and there's one in each of our cars. God help us if we're ever in an accident, but if we are, Lucas will get immediate attention no matter what my or my husband's conditions are.

The first responders will know that Lucas is autistic, and that he's on medication, etc. They will also have authority to treat him immediately!

For all possibilities - If Lucas ever wandered away from us, or even got lost in a large crowd, whether at the amusement park or at WalMart on a Saturday morning (much more likely), he has appropriate identification with him, thanks to his Child ID Card. Whoever is with him, either my husband or me, would also have the information we need to give to security guards, store managers, police personnel, etc., because we, too, carry a Child ID Card for Lucas.

Makes medical conditions known - While these Child ID Cards work great for all children, we especially like the fact that they include space for medical information. If you have a child with autism like we do, or with any other disability, this Child ID Card will let anyone else know that your child has a medical condition, what types of medication they are on, who their doctor is and what allergies they might have, from peanuts to penicillin.

The Autism Society of America says that - "It is important that your child has proper identification in the event that he or she runs away or gets lost and is unable to communicate effectively." The Society goes on to explain that many times, a child with autism just does not understand the idea of staying with their family, even to the point of wandering off from their home without letting anyone know.

Because someone with an autism spectrum disorder might not have the ability to understand the importance of staying put and not wandering off, it's that much more important for EVERYONE who's regularly involved in the child's life to carry a Child ID Card for that child.

Vital for first responders - A Child ID Card with a photo and medical information is a vital tool for law enforcement, rescue personnel, paramedics, news media, and anyone else if your child ever becomes lost.

Communicate through ID - Add to that the fact that many autistic children cannot communicate, may not be able to tell someone their name, or may not even know that they're lost, and it becomes that much more vital that everyone who's a regular part of the person's life have a Child ID Card for them.

To sum it up - There are many ID cards for children on the market today. Here at LucasWorks, you can purchase them knowing that:

  • You don't need to give anyone else your child's information; a Child ID Card set from LucasWorks can be easily and quickly assembled by you, from completing the ID information to laminating them in the covers that come with each Child ID Card.
  • You're getting a good value for your money. This Child ID Card set is only $10.00 for 5 complete, laminated Child ID Cards with photo, fingerprint and medical info!
  • If your child has any type of medical needs, you can rest assured that this information will be on their Child ID Card, along with their doctor, dentist, etc. Not all Child ID Cards contain places for this info.
  • Last but certainly not least in our book, you're helping people with autism learn real job skills because every order is filled by someone with autism!

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