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Children's Harnesses by Elaine, Inc. offers a way to keep someone OF ANY AGE OR SIZE from wandering too far when you're out and about!

Two strap Child Harness

Life with a "Runner" - When Lucas was small, he was a "runner" like you wouldn't believe. It took two adults along at all times just to keep him safe. One adult drove, shopped, etc., and the other adult kept Lucas in his car seat, in the shopping cart seat or from taking off!

Sound familiar? - Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Ever wonder why someone doesn't make one of those harnesses with the lead attached, but for kids bigger than a two year old?

Prepare to be dazzled...
Don't let the name fool you; Children's Harnesses by Elaine, Inc. will custom make a child harness with attached lead (leash) for any size "child", and ship it right to your door.

We had a chance to check a child harness out, and it's everything it should be:

  • Arrives ready to use - The harness arrives taped to a large paper outline, which shows you the front and back. The website has a wonderful tutorial on "How to Put on and Remove the Harness", using easily understood photos.
  • Storage - A mesh laundry bag is included for storing your child harness when it's not in use (fits great this way in a trunk or under the car seat, too.)
  • Durable - Made of durable polypropylene and offered in a range of colors, this child harness is made in Canada by someone who understands the importance of keeping ALL children safe, even those who are older and may not understand danger.
  • Fully adjustable - The shoulder straps and chest straps are fully adjustable, to ensure years of use as a child grows (or goes from summer tee shirts into winter coats). You also have a choice of one or two chest straps (the one we checked out was a two strap harness, which would have been my choice for my son Lucas back when he was a "runner").
  • STRONG - All the stitching is reinforced for strength, and all buckles are located in the back (one or two, depending on the design).
  • Well designed - The lead (or leash) is about 5 feet long, and has a large enough hand loop at the end to allow for "Dad hands" or gloves. It even has a great little Velcro strap that corrals it when not in use (when it IS in use, this strap is simply wrapped around the lead, and fastened to itself!)
  • Options - As an option, you can get an extra buckle added to your child harness, to secure your child to their chair during meals, or into a car seat. For children with autism, this might be the way to help them learn to remain seated while eating, and of course, keep them in their seat while in the car.
    Other options are offered, like buckle covers and a stroller or wheelchair attachment.
  • The website - The website for Children's Harnesses by Elaine is very informative, answering most questions about this wonderful child harness. Perhaps most important of all though, is that whenever we sent an e-mail, we received an answer back in a day or two by someone knowledgeable and nice!
  • Cost - Prices range from $30 to $75 Canadian, depending on the model, size, options, etc. This is about $25 to $61 U.S. as of 12/1/08. (This rate can change, but the two currencies are usually close to each other in value.)

Bottom line - If this child harness was around when my kids were little, I would have bought one for EACH child! Then even their grandparents could have enjoyed taking them places.

This child harness is a great value, especially considering the peace of mind it offers. If your child could benefit from this idea, check out Children's Harnesses by Elaine today!

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