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A Child Fingerprint will keep your child's fingerprints and DNA safe in case you need them.

Basic Child Fingerprint Kit

#35FP,  $5.00

Child Fingerprint Kit folder


  • Child fingerprint/DNA folder
  • FBI approved ink strip
  • DNA sample bag
  • Sterile cotton swab for DNA collection

Inside of Child Fingerprint Kit folder


Child Fingerprint/DNA folder - This folder forms the basis for the Basic Child Fingerprint Kit.

An organized folder format - With a place for your child's fingerprints. A place is also provided in this Child Fingerprint Kit folder for collecting a DNA sample, either from your child's mouth with the enclosed sterile cotton swab, or from a hair sample, whichever you prefer (and whichever your child will allow!)

The easy to understand directions that come with every Child Fingerprint Kit make it possible for you collect both the DNA sample and your child's fingerprints easily, painlessly and quickly.

A full description - There is ample room for a complete and thorough description of your child, including birthmarks, glasses, etc. A place is also provided for a recent photograph.

Info on "what to do" - Every Child Fingerprint Kit also contains a list of all important guidelines for what to do in the first 48 hours that a child is missing. This list alone was worth the cost of the entire Child Fingerprint Kit to me!

Easy to use - Complete directions for getting your child's fingerprints with the enclosed FBI approved ink strip are easy to follow in either Child Fingerprint Kit, and result in good prints that law enforcement officers can access immediately if they are ever needed. The ink can be easily washed off with a baby wipe or soap and water, after you've gotten your child's prints.

Private until needed - You fill out the Child Fingerprint Kit in the privacy of your own home. This eliminates the need to give any strangers your child's information. No one will have access to this vital information about your child unless the information is needed because of an emergency.

In these days of identity theft, etc., you can feel secure knowing that you have the important documents you need to protect your child without giving this information to unknown people.

Just in case - None of us wants to think about the terrifying possibility that our child could become lost (or worse). But as we all know, these things DO happen.

Don't waste time - Too often, precious time is wasted while police or rescue personnel wait for a recent photograph, physical description and other information from parents who are frantic, traumatized and in no condition to think clearly!

We've all seen the TV shows "CSI" and "Without a Trace", and most of us are aware of how investigators can easily and quickly establish clues, leads, even the direction your child has gone, if they have good information to start with, like a Child Fingerprint Kit.

Natural disasters - Even if you don't think your child would run off from you, please consider for a moment the natural disasters that take place in the world in which we live.

  • hurricanes
  • tornadoes
  • wild fires
  • flash floods
  • earthquakes

We all watched in horror as hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, and how many of us thought to ourselves, "I don't know what I would do if my child got separated from me in a natural catastrophe like that"?

Lost child - In addition to the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wild fires and flash floods that Mother Nature can throw around, what about if you loose track of your child in a crowded airport, or on a crowded beach?

A Child Fingerprint Kit is truly something that, while you hope you'll never need it, is irreplaceable in situations like those mentioned above, giving rescue personnel and police the information they will need to begin their job of finding your child.

Those of us with autistic children - Have the added stress of knowing that our children don't always understand what's going on around them.

A person with autism can wander away in the blink of an eye, and NOT EVEN KNOW THAT THEY'RE IN TROUBLE! How's that for stressing out a parent?

Our autistic son Lucas has a Child Fingerprint Kit, because we know that Lucas' autism makes him susceptible to not always realizing what's happening around him, and we want to know that we're ready if something were to ever happen to him.

We also live on the coast and hurricane season hits every summer. While we've never been evacuated, that doesn't mean it can't happen, causing chaos and confusion.

Vacation - We go camping every summer, traveling all over this great country. That means that we spend time in places we've never been in, and don't have any friends or relatives there if something goes wrong.

It's more than a little important to us that we're prepared for every possibility with a Child Fingerprint Kit, along with extra Child ID Cards just in case!

For ALL children, even the adult ones - We also have a Child Fingerprint Kit for Lucas' big brother Robert. Robert is now away at college and we will continue to keep his Child Fingerprint Kit up to date. He's in a different city, and on his own for the first time. As his mom, I have a million scenarios of things that could go wrong! I know that none of them probably will, but then, as we've all seen on college campuses and in large cities around our country, stuff DOES happen.

Be prepared - We don't ever want to have to use Robert's or Lucas' Child Fingerprint Kit, but if our kids get in trouble or we can't make contact with them for any reason, we know we have everything that law enforcement and rescue personnel will need to begin a search.

Remember - Like all our orders here at LucasWorks, your order for a Child Fingerprint Kit will be filled by a person with autism. You'll be helping them to practice job skills while getting what you need to help your own child with our Child Fingerprint Kit!

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