Child Cabinet Locks


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#45CCL,  $5.00/kit
Set of SIX Child Cabinet Locks

Child Cabinet Locks help to protect your child.

For doors AND drawers!

These ingenious Child Cabinet Locks help to protect your curious child in a number of ways.

Prevent door or drawer from OPENING - With Child Cabinet Locks, your child will only be able to open a door or drawer one inch. At that point the door or drawer will LOCK, preventing your child from getting into it any further.

Prevent door or drawer from CLOSING - Once opened that one inch, any doors or drawers equipped with Child Cabinet Locks will LOCK IN PLACE, thanks to a patented design. This prevents the door or drawer from closing on little fingers (or big ones, for that matter!)

Secure 6 doors or drawers - You'll receive a set of six Child Cabinet Locks, along with the screws and complete installation instructions.

That means one set of Child Cabinet Locks will keep your child out of six different drawers or doors!

Kitchen - Use Child Cabinet Locks in the kitchen, to keep your child AND your cooking safe!Use Child Cabinet Locks to prevent drawers from becoming steps!

  • Prevent drawers from being used as steps!
  • Lock up those cleaning supplies under the sink.
  • Prevent accidents with the knives and other sharp cooking implements.
  • Keep the spices and other cooking supplies safe from someone squeezing them into a nose or eye (that stuff DOES smell good, encouraging further exploration...)
  • Same goes for the dishwashing liquid; save it from someone who discovered that it makes a great 'skating rink' on the kitchen floor!



Bathroom - How many dangerous items that could pose a threat to your child are in your bathroom linen closet or vanity drawer?Lock up razors, medicines and other dangerous bathroom items.

Consider locking all of the following behind doors or in drawers equipped with Child Cabinet Locks:

  • Razors
  • Toilet cleaners and other cleaning supplies
  • Hair products or other personal care items in spray bottles (these can be accidently sprayed into eyes.)
  • Medicines
  • Toilet brushes and plungers (EWWWWWWW, GERMS!!!!!!)



Laundry or Utility Room - There are many possible dangers in these two spaces.

Use Child Cabinet Locks to protect your child from:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Lightbulbs
  • Laundry supplies like detergent, bleach, etc.
  • Various tools, small parts and other items that always seem to end up in these two places!


Desks - Do you have a home office? Child Cabinet Locks will protect your child AND your desk!

  • Lock up staplers, paper clips, safety pins, pens, etc. from curious hands.
  • Ensure that important papers (bills, insurance info, tax forms, etc.) are safe from 'inquiring minds'.


Easy installation - You'll need a pencil or pen, a drill and a screw driver.

  • Install the Child Cabinet Locks in whatever direction and location makes the most sense for your situation. They can be placed at the top, bottom or sides of cabinet doors, AND in drawers.Attach latch bracket inside the drawer or cabinet frame.
  • Mark screw locations for the latch bracket by holding bracket in the desired position and marking the screw holes with a pen or pencil.
  • Drill holes where you've marked, and attach latch bracket with screws.
  • Mark the screw holes for the locking arm, and attach to the inside of cabinet door or drawer front.Align the locking arm with the latch bracket, and mark the screw holes for the arm.
  • Drill holes where you've marked, and attach the locking arm with screws.




We all know just how much curiosity and energy live in a child. Cabinet locks can be a great way to help prevent that curiosity and energy from getting your child in trouble.

BUT... While Child Cabinet locks will help keep your child safe, there's NEVER any substitute for adult supervision.

Don't forget No-Tip Furniture Bracket - In addition to the Child Cabinet Locks, LucasWorks also carries a No-Tip Furniture Bracketkit that attaches your dresser, bookcase, china cabinet and other large furniture to the wall.

One set of No-Tip Furniture Brackets will secure 4 pieces of furniture, protecting your child against pulling it over on themselves (or keeping it in place in the event of an earthquake!)

OR TV Safety Strap - We also offer a TV Safety Strap, which ensures that your television, computer monitor, speaker, etc. is safely attached to furniture, preventing it from getting pulled over onto your child.

KEEP THEM SAFE - Parents have enough to deal with. Let's make sure our homes and other homes our kids spend time in (Gramma's, baby sitter's, etc.) are as SAFE AND SECURE as possible!

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