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Welcome to Autism Parent Support, where you can find hope for the future, strategies to help you help your child, and reviews of products and services that we here at LucasWorks know first hand.

We've tried to group these autism parent support articles by topic (Insights and Encouragement, Autism Teaching Strategies, Autism Reviews and Adolescent Autism).

BUT...The main focus of EVERY article is AUTISM PARENT SUPPORT, so these topics overlap quite a bit. (You'll find Insights and Encouragement in articles about Teaching Strategies, Teaching Strategies in articles about Adolescent Autism, etc.)

Every article has a full list of links to the other articles, so that you can browse around.
We hope you find something to help you and your child!

Insights and Encouragement - Autism Parent Support

With autism, parent support begins with sharing some insights into the positive things.

  • Parenting an Autistic Child

    If you are a fellow parent of an autistic child, or just someone who wants to find out what it's like to walk a little in our shoes, please enjoy the read...
  • Autism World

    Here are some interesting peeks into the mind of an autistic teenager. Lucas tries very hard to understand the world in which he lives, and occasionally, his dad and I get glimpses of just how hard that struggle is for him.
  • Giving Thanks

    There will come a time when you begin giving thanks, even though you never thought you would.
  • Autism Walk

    If you've never been to an Autism Walk, you're missing out on a terrific, fun-filled event!

Teaching Strategies - Autism Parent Support

These teaching strategies can produce real results for a family dealing with autism. Parent support doesn't get any better than that!

  • Visual Schedule for Autism

    Using a visual schedule for autism in your home can make such a difference in ALL of your lives.
  • Autism Safety

    For a child with autism, safety issues must be addressed at home, at school and in the community.
  • Autism and Holidays

    Some tips and insights for helping make autism and holidays go a little more smoothly.
  • Teaching Tip for Autistic Child

    There are so many things you can teach using this single teaching tip for your autistic child.
  • Autism and a Dog

    Lucas has always loved "puppy dawgs", as he calls them, calling attention to them whenever he sees one on the street or in a car. Alan and I discussed it and decided to consider getting Lucas a dog.
  • Autism and Vacation

    For many families, "autism" and "vacation" are an impossible idea. But we've found a way to put the two together in a way that's helped us all!
  • Autism and Exercise

    Watching videos coupled with 10 days of fabulous food means it's time to combine autism and exercise!

Product & Service Reviews - Autism Parent Support

Autism parent support products and services that we think are worth checking out!

  • Child Harness

    We love this made-to-order way to keep your child safe, no matter what their size.
  • Autism Training

    Designed for parents and other adults, this autism training offers tried and true techniques that help you create order from chaos!
  • Gift for an Autistic Child

    Choosing a gift for an autistic child takes some imagination, but once you get the hang of it, it's amazing what you'll come up with.
  • TV Guardian

    DID YOU KNOW... that Sanyo makes TVs, VCRs and DVD players with a feature called, "TV Guardian", which can be programmed to shut out bad language on TV, videos or DVD's?
  • Our Summer Vacation

    We spent our summer vacation camping in South Dakota, where our friends made a vacation place for anyone with any disability!

Adolescent Autism - Autism Parent Support

For adolescent autism, parent support for a whole new range of challenges...

  • Beyond School

    How does someone with autism cope with the sudden absence of school, something that's taken up most of their days since they can remember?
  • Autism, Preparing for Adulthood

    Lucas turns eighteen years old this year, and that makes him an adult in the eyes of the law. With autism, preparing for adulthood means taking care of certain things.
  • Autism and Oral Surgery

    For most of us, having wisdom teeth out is NOT an experience that we look forward to. For someone with autism, oral surgery will need careful planning before, during and afterwards.

Too often, autism parent support is a critical area that is missing, no matter where you live.

There's no question about it, having an autistic child isn't something you planned for. You're in a state of shock, and you're depending on the doctor and the school to know their stuff.

Then reality settles in, and you get accustomed to your child's diagnosis.

Unfortunately, it's around that time that you discover that the school may not know what's best for your child, or may not have the budget to do much!

THAT'S when you know that it's up to you to learn what works and what doesn't!

With autism, parent support could be the difference between making life the best it can be, and giving up and doing nothing for your child.

Because autism is ongoing, autism parent support should be, too. There will be other articles posted here on a variety of subjects dealing with parenting an autistic child.

We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions for future articles.


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