Autism Necklace

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Beautiful two piece Autism Necklace can be worn a variety of ways. Gift Wrap option!



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Made in the USA

Pink Autism Necklace
Pink Autism Necklace Set

Clear Autism Necklace
Clear Autism Necklace Set

Sapphire Autism Necklace
Sapphire Autism Necklace Set

Each Autism Necklace is actually two necklaces - One necklace features the Autism Story, using the different beads and charms to show ways to help someone with autism.

The second, longer necklace accents the first one, with coordinating beads. They can be worn together, or each can be worn alone.

Wear both necklaces together.
Two necklaces worn together

Wear just the Awareness Necklace.
The Awareness necklace by itself

Wear just the accent necklace.
The accent necklace worn by itself

Many different looks - Thanks to the magnetic clasps on every Autism Necklace, two necklaces can also be joined together for a variety of unique and different looks.

The "Awareness" necklace as a choker, with a second, long necklace.
Necklace style with Awareness choker.

A simple choker, with a long "Awareness" necklace.
Necklace with a simple choker.

Both necklaces worn at about the same length.
Necklaces worn at similar lengths



Explanation of the Autism Story


The "Autism story" -

Just like our Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse Charm (shown here) and our bestselling Autism Awareness bracelet, every Autism Necklace set comes with a card in your choice of English or Japanese showing how the beads and charms explain ways to help people with autism.

But that's not all -
Each beautiful autism necklace is made with the help of someone with autism, too!

They learn and practice skills from the stringing of these necklaces to the packaging of any order you place at LucasWorks.


Offered in your choice of three colors -

  • Pink Autism Necklace - Using the same handcut Czech glass beads that form the basis for our Autism Awareness Bracelet, the Pink Autism Necklace also features large, cut crystal pale pink and green accent beads, making the set a natural for spring and summer pastels.
  • Clear Autism Necklace - A stunning arrangement of clear "aurora borealis" Czech glass beads catches the light and picks up colors from whatever you wear. This Autism Necklace is accented with beautiful handcut barrel beads of vibrant blue/green.
  • Sapphire Autism Necklace - Amazing sapphire blue Czech glass beads add sophistication to any outfit, especially when they're complimented with clear crystal barrel beads.

NOTE regarding pacemakers: If you have a pacemaker, you should check with your doctor before wearing anything with a magnetic clasp. LucasWorks can adapt any Autism Necklace set to have a toggle style clasp, for those who cannot wear a magnetic one.

The toggle style clasp will still allow the Autism Necklaces to be joined together in a variety of ways, making the toggle a part of the overall design.

Made by people with autism - Each Autism Necklace is made with the help of someone with autism. They organize the materials, string the beads and charms, discard broken beads or charms, bag the necklaces and print the inserts that tell the "autism story", according to their abilities.

Details - From the multi-strand stainless steel wire that each necklace is strung on, to the individual beads and charms, to the design methods used, attention to quality is key for the every Autism Necklace.

  • Handmade beads - Every single bead used is handmade Czech glass or crystal, including the tiny, silver-lined beads placed between each bigger bead to cushion them.
  • Semi-precious stones - In addition to handmade Czech glass or crystal beads, the Autism "Awareness" Necklace also features a non-magnetic hematite and a moonstone as part of the Autism Story, along with a gold plated bead.
  • Lead-free - All charms are made of lead-free pewter, and are made in the USA. The links connecting each charm on every Autism Necklace are USA made sterling silver.
  • Blends with outfits - The Autism Necklace also shows off white frosted Czech glass hearts instead of the red Czech glass ones used for our other Autism Awareness jewelry. These more subtle hearts enable the Autism Necklace to coordinate with many colors and outfits, an important consideration since a necklace is "front and center".
  • Safe and easy magnetic clasps - The magnetic clasps we use are strong enough to hold the necklace, but if someone pulls on it (or it becomes caught on something), the magnetic clasp will release. This helps ensure your safety, and also keeps the necklaces from breaking if they're pulled on or get caught on something.
  • Necklace lengths - The "Awareness" necklace is about 18 inches long, and the longer, coordinated necklace is about 24 inches long. Keep in mind that these measurements are approximate, and each Autism Necklace is individually handmade with individually handmade beads.

This wonderful Autism Necklace set fits the bill for so many styles, colors and events, from work to weddings. You can spread autism awareness, wearing something beautiful made by someone with autism.

Or give it as a perfect Mother's Day, birthday or other occasion gift. Select the Gift Wrap option to send a beautifully wrapped gift directly to your loved one, complete with your personal message.

Other Autism Awareness jewelry - See our complete selection of Autism Awareness Jewelry products with the "autism story" on them, all made with the help of someone with autism. We even offer jewelry for Fragile X Syndrome, since it's the leading genetic cause of autism.

Learn more about us and our mission to help those with autism and other disabilities.


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