Autism Lanyard

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This beautiful badge lanyard holds your ID in style AND spreads autism awareness!


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Made in the USA


Black/White Autism Lanyard
Autism Lanyard, Black and White


Aqua Autism Lanyard
Autism Lanyard, Aqua


Tells the "Autism story"

We've had several requests to put the story from our Autism Awareness bracelet on a badge lanyard. (We show the story here on our Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse Charm.)


Explanation of the Autism Story

Now we've created an Autism lanyard with the same "autism story" on it that TEACHES people about autism!

Every bead and charm on this Autism Lanyard tells a story, helping to spread true awareness of a difficult disability.

Now the 'autism story' is offered in English, Spanish or Japanese!


Choice of styles/colors - Offered in two different design/color choices, each LucasWorks Autism Lanyard is created to coordinate with the beads and charms in our Autism Awareness story:

  • Black and White Autism Lanyard - Jet black crystal faceted beads accent transparent aurora borealis cut and round crystals. This understated necklace is finished with silver lined clear crystal beads, making it perfectly neutral for every outfit.
  • Aqua Autism Lanyard - A "bluer" version of our Black and White, this graceful Autism Lanyard uses transparent aqua facetted crystal beads to bring color to a simple design of clear and faceted aurora borealis, outlined in silver lined crystals.

And every Autism lanyard will go with just about any color, thanks to the use of transparent beads, which let your underlying clothing colors show through.

Perfect for parents, teachers, etc. - If you have or work with someone with autism, you won't find a prettier way to wear your ID than with a LucasWorks Autism Lanyard!

Break-away clasp - In addition to having the "autism story" in a V shape at the bottom, these beautiful beaded Autism lanyards have a "break-away" magnetic clasp on them. This means if your lanyard gets caught on something (or if a child pulls on it), it will come off instead of breaking or strangling you!

NOTE regarding pacemakers: If you have a pacemaker, you should check with your doctor before wearing anything with a magnetic clasp. LucasWorks can adapt any lanyard to have a toggle style clasp, for those who cannot wear a magnetic one.

Made by people with autism - Every LucasWorks Autism Lanyard is made with the help of people with autism. They string the beads for these lanyards and our other Autism Awareness products, learning and practicing a series of job skills here at LucasWorks.

Beautifully presented - Like our Autism Awareness bracelet, key chain/purse charm and bookmark, every Autism lanyard comes in a soft velvet pouch, with a card that explains the "autism story", and how every bead and charm in the "V" of the Autism lanyard tells how to help people with autism.

You can even have it wrapped and sent as a gift with our gift wrap option.

Made to last - The Autism lanyard is made of Czech beads and crystals, and strung on multi-strand stainless steel, nylon coated wire.

Attention is paid to the smallest details - to ensure that your Autism lanyard will stand up to the daily wear that badge lanyards go through:


A place for badges AND for glasses.

Every lanyard comes with both a lanyard clip AND a large, double jump ring, giving you options for hanging your badges and even your glasses (just put an earpiece through the jump ring!)

The magnet is strong enough to hold your Autism lanyard around your neck, but will detach easily if your lanyard is pulled on or becomes caught on something. (Some other lanyards have magnets so strong the lanyard itself can break before the magnet detaches, scattering beads everywhere!)


Each cut glass or crystal bead is cushioned, to prevent them from cutting each other or fraying the wire.

At just 1 oz. or less, you won't feel "weighed down" by a LucasWorks Autism lanyard, an important consideration as you wear it all day.

At about 18 inches long, the Autism lanyard is the length of a standard lanyard. We are happy to oblige you if you need a length other than 18 inches. Just contact us with your request, and we'll get right on it!

Just think, you can spread autism awareness while looking chic and stylish, all at the same time!

Other Autism Awareness pieces - We have other Autism Awareness products with the "autism story" on them, all made with the help of people with autism. See our Autism Awareness bracelet, along with the Autism Awareness keychain/purse charm, and bookmark.

Learn more about us and our mission to help those with autism and other disabilities.


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