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The meaning of the charms and beads on our Autism Awareness Jewelry

LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry is made with the help of someone with autism, and comes with a card showing how the beads and charms explain something about autism.

Wonderful gift ideas for
Family members,
And anyone who cares about people with autism.

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AUTISM AWARENESS BRACELET - Autism Awareness Jewelry #15AB


Color: Size: Language:

Gift Wrap, $3

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Black Bracelet
Black Autism Awareness Bracelet

Aqua Bracelet
Aqua Autism Awareness Bracelet

Clear Bracelet
Clear Autism Awareness Bracelet

Lilac Bracelet
Lilac Autism Awareness Bracelet

Green Bracelet
Green Autism Awareness Bracelet

Pink Bracelet
Pink Autism Awareness Bracelet

Our most popular item, this autism awareness bracelet now comes in your choice of SIX colors including NEW Black.

Each bracelet features hand faceted Czech cut glass beads in elegant black, gorgeous lilac, spring green, pale pink, clear aurora borealis or light aqua.

Offered in two sizes:
Sm. - Med. fits wrists from about 5 1/2 inches to about 6 1/2 inches.
Med. - Lg. fits wrists from about 6 1/2 inches to about 7 1/2 inches.

DETAILS - Autism Awareness Bracelet




Language: Gift Wrap, $3

Spread Autism Awareness with this Keychain.

It's also an Autism Awareness Purse charm, for purse, backpack, etc!

Talk about versatility! This Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse Charm can be worn a variety of ways:

  • On your keychain, of course.
  • It looks great on a purse, as shown.
  • On a student backpack.
  • How about on a diaper bag or a briefcase?

We've even heard that this beautiful Autism Awareness jewelry makes a wonderful Christmas tree ornament!

DETAILS - Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse Charm


AUTISM AWARENESS BOOKMARK - Autism Awareness Jewelry #15ABK


Language: Gift Wrap, $3

An Autism Awareness Bookmark for readers.

Do you know an avid reader, or someone who doesn't wear jewelry?

Surprise them with this lovely Autism Awareness Bookmark, made by someone with autism.

The hook is placed into book on the page to be marked, and the beautiful "charm" tail hangs down the book's spine.

Like all LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry, this Autism Awareness Bookmark is presented in a velvet bag, with a card that explains how each bead and charm shows how to help someone with autism.

DETAILS - Autism Awareness Bookmark


AUTISM NECKLACE - Autism Awareness Jewelry #15AN


Color: Language:
Gift Wrap, $3

Pink Autism Necklace
Pink Autism Necklace Set

Clear Autism Necklace
Clear Autism Necklace Set

Sapphire Autism Necklace
Sapphire Autism Necklace Set

Our newest Autism Awareness Jewelry, this Autism Necklace is actually a two piece set! Either necklace can be worn separately, or thanks to the magnetic clasps, they can be joined together for a wide variety of looks.

In your choice of colors:

Pastel pink with pink and green accents,
Clear aurora borealis with blue/green accents,
Sapphire blue with clear crystal accents.

DETAILS - Autism Necklace


AUTISM LANYARD - Autism Awareness Jewelry #15AL


Color: Language:
Gift Wrap, $3

Black & White
Autism Lanyard

Autism Lanyard

Autism Lanyard

Autism Lanyard Aqua

What better way to wear a your name badge than with a handmade Autism Lanyard?

Like the rest of our Autism Awareness Jewelry, this Autism Lanyard is handmade with the help of someone with autism, and it also comes in your choice of colors:

The Black and White Autism Lanyard, silver lined crystal with black accents.
The Aqua Autism Lanyard, silver lined crystal with aqua accents.

DETAILS - Autism Lanyard


Autism Awareness Jewelry for Fragile X Syndrome

Because Fragile X Syndrome is the leading genetic cause of autism, LucasWorks offers the following autism awareness jewelry.


FRAGILE X SYNDROME BRACELET - Autism Awareness Jewelry #15FX


Wrist size:
Gift Wrap, $3

Fragile X bracelet


Similar to the Autism Awareness Bracelet, the Fragile X Syndrome bracelet has a pewter letter "X" charm which overlaps the puzzle piece charm, just like the characteristics of Fragile X Syndrome overlap with autism.

Two sizes to choose from:
Sm. - Med. fits wrists 5 1/2 to about 6 3/4 inches.
Med. - Lg. fits wrists 6 3/4 inches to about 7 3/4 inches.

Like all LucasWorks autism awareness jewelry, this Fragile X Syndrome bracelet comes with a "message card" explaining the meaning of the beads and charms.

DETAILS - Fragile X Syndrome Bracelet




Gift Wrap, $3

Fragile X Syndrome Keychain Fragile X Syndrome Purse Charm

Spread awareness of Fragile X Syndrome, the leading genetic cause of autism, by hanging this from your keys, purse, bookbag, mirror, or anywhere else!

It makes a great gift, and like all autism awareness jewelry from LucasWorks, arrives in a velvet bag with a card showing the meaning of each bead and charm.

DETAILS - Fragile X Syndrome Keychain/Purse Charm



It all started - when Lauren Padgett was given an awareness bracelet for cancer.

Lauren couldn't help but notice that even though it was called an awareness bracelet, the bracelet didn't teach her a single thing about cancer. She was no more "aware" of it than she was BEFORE she received the bracelet!

This lesson stuck, and when it was time for LucasWorks to create something for autism awareness, Lauren used her knowledge of autism to develop autism awareness jewelry that could actually teach people something about autism.

Beginning with the Autism Awareness Bracelet, the LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry line has grown to include a unique variety of products, each one designed to look great while spreading awareness of autism.

The best part - We very proud to say that every, single piece of Autism Awareness Jewelry here at LucasWorks is made with the help of someone with autism!

Using visual aides - With the help of diagrams that show the order of each bead and charm for a piece of Autism Awareness Jewelry, someone with autism can assemble an Autism Awareness Bracelet or other item, with minimal help.

Your assurance of quality - While every piece of Autism Awareness Jewelry is assembled by someone with autism, each piece is also finished and checked for accuracy and quality of workmanship by Lauren or another LucasWorks staff member.
This ensures that the products are the best we can make them.

Quality materials, too! Every Autism Awareness Jewelry design here at LucasWorks uses high qualily materials:

From the beads themselves:

  • Beautiful hand made Czech beads, including cut crystal, faceted, fire polished glass, pressed glass, and silver lined beads.
  • Natural stone beads of non-magnetic hematite and moonstone, mountain jade, and even a gold-plated bead.
  • A wonderful selection of lead-free, USA made and highly detailed pewter charms, many of them beautifully silver plated.

To the stringing medium:

  • We use only high grade, durable, USA made stretch cording for all Autism Awareness and Fragile X Syndrome Bracelets.
  • Our other autism awareness jewelry uses USA made, nylon coated, stainless steel wire for its stringing material.
  • The wire we use is "multi-strand", ranging from 19 to 49 strands wrapped tightly together for strength.

Finishing touches include:

  • Sterling silver links are used on every charm on all Autism Awareness Jewelry except the Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse Charm and Bookmark, and the Fragile X Syndrome Keychain/Purse Charm, which use larger, stainless steel doubled rings in order for the charms to hang correctly.
  • Sterling silver "crimp" beads that cover each bracelet knot.
  • The faceted beads on every Autism Lanyard, Necklace and Eyeglass Chain are each "cushioned" with tiny, silver lined beads set between them, to prevent them from rubbing against (and possibly damaging) each other or fraying the wire.
  • Magnetic clasps come standard on the Autism Lanyard and Autism Necklace set, to prevent problems if someone pulls on your jewelry, or if it gets caught on something.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have a pace-maker, please check with your doctor before ordering any Autism Awareness Jewelry with a magnetic clasp. We offer the option of a "toggle" style clasp for anyone who cannot wear a magnetic clasp.

Every piece of LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry comes in a velvet pouch, and includes an explanation of the "autism message" contained within the charms and beads:

explanation of the meaning contained within the beads and charms of LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry

For more info - On any Autism Awarenes Jewelry item, just click your mouse on either the name of the item, or on the "details" link after each item description.

Remember - From the Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse Charm to an Eyeglass Chain that's custom made to the length YOU request, each piece of LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry is made with the help of someone with autism.

To learn more about LucasWorks - Learn about LucasWorks, our goals, and our mission to help families dealing with an autistic child.

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