Autism Awareness Bracelet


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Autism Awareness Bracelet

Autism Awareness Bracelet with Lilac beads

NEW! Lilac, #15AB-L, $24.00

Wrist size: Language:
Gift Wrap, $3.00


Lilac Autism Awareness Bracelet -

Perfect for those who love shades of purple, this Autism Awareness Bracelet features lovely lilac beads to accentuate the 'autism story' it tells!


Autism Awareness Bracelet

Autism Awareness Bracelet with Green beads

Green, #15AB-G, $24.00

Wrist size: Language:
Gift Wrap, $3.00


Green Autism Awareness Bracelet -

A vibrant and happy choice, this bracelet is highlighted with gorgeous, iridescent beads in a beautiful shade of spring green, with white frosted glass hearts.


Autism Awareness Bracelet

Autism Awareness Bracelet with Pink beads

Pink, #15AB-P, $24.00

Wrist size: Language:
Gift Wrap, $3.00


Pink Autism Awareness Bracelet -

Our original and best-selling bracelet. This bracelet features pastel pink, faceted Czech glass beads, and red striped Czech pressed glass hearts in its design.

Autism Awareness Bracelet

Autism Awareness Bracelet with Clear beads

Clear, #15AB-C, $24.00

Wrist size: Language:
Gift Wrap, $3.00


Clear Autism Awareness Bracelet -

This new color choice offers clear, "Aurora Borealis" style facetted Czech glass beads, which pick up other colors as the light hits them. It also features red, subtly striped Czech glass hearts.

Autism Awareness Bracelet

Autism Awareness Bracelet with Aqua beads

Aqua, #15AB-A, $24.00

Wrist size: Language:
Gift Wrap, $3.00


Aqua Autism Awareness Bracelet -

Pale Aqua faceted Czech glass beads complement other beads in the design. The popular red Czech glass hearts with white stripes are also featured in the Aqua bracelet.

Like all our Autism Awareness Jewelry, the LucasWorks Autism Awareness Bracelet comes in a beautiful velvet gift bag, with a card that explains how each charm and bead symbolizes a way to help children with autism!

Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse Charm

#15AK, $17.00
More about Gift Wrap.

Language: Gift Wrap, $3.00

Autism Awareness Keychain

Autism Awareness Purse charm

Perfect for either purses or keychains, it tells the same story that's on our Autism Awareness bracelet.

5 1/2 inches long, our Keychain/Purse charm hangs from a lanyard clip to easily attach to your purse or your keys.

If you don't wear jewelry, or are allergic to some alloys in pewter or silver, you can still help to spread autism awareness with this keychain or purse charm.

Autism Awareness Bookmark

#15ABK, $21.00
More about Gift Wrap.

Language: Gift Wrap, $3.00

Autism Awareness Bookmark

The charms on our solid brass Autism Awareness Bookmark hang down the spine of the book, and teach people about autism.

Six inches in length, this stunning bookmark is perfect for spreading autism awareness among those who love to read!

Remember, just like our Autism Awareness Bracelets and Keychain/Purse charms, this bookmark is made by people with autism!


Autism Awareness Bracelet with bag


Like all our Autism Awareness Jewelry, every LucasWorks Autism Awareness Bracelet, Autism Awareness Keychain/Purse charm and Bookmark comes beautifully presented in a velveteen pouch.


Included with each piece of Autism Awareness Jewelry from LucasWorks is a card in your choice of English or Japanese explaining how each of the larger beads and charms show ways to help autistic children learn and function in this world that they don't understand:


Card explaining message in Autism Awareness Bracelet

These beautiful autism awareness items are also made by people with autism and developmental disabilities!

Making an autism awareness braceletPeople with autism assemble all LucasWorks autism awareness jewelry.


Whether you choose an Autism Awareness Bracelet, Keychain/Purse charm, or Bookmark, or our new Fragile X Syndrome bracelet, your purchase of a LucasWorks Autism Awareness product gives these people a chance to learn REAL job skills and to produce something of lasting beauty which will also help teach people about autism!

Let's see, you get to have something that's both beautiful and reasonably priced, something that's made by people with autism, and that will help to spread autism awareness; you just can't lose!

  • Our Autism Awareness Bracelet, Keychain/Purse charm, Bookmark and Fragile X Syndrome bracelet, positively light up with Czech glass beads, semi-precious stones like moonstone and hematite, and pewter charms.
  • The colors range from a lustrous white Czech glass pearl, to the deep, reflective black of a genuine hematite stone.
  • Whether pink, clear or aqua spacer beads are used, the bead shades are pale enough to allow other colors to "blend" with them, ensuring that these handmade pieces will look great with just about any other color.
  • The colors are balanced beautifully with clear aqua blue and turquoise colored Czech glass, along with translucent moonstone and either frosted white or red Czech glass hearts lightly striped with white.
  • The charms are solid, lead free pewter and sterling silver, perfectly detailed. They'll always hang straight and true, thanks to their oval rings of sterling silver.
  • Two sizes are available in our Autism Awareness bracelet: "small to medium" and "medium to large". The sturdy, high-resiliency stretch band means no fussing with a clasp or finding another pair of "helping hands" to fasten it for you! It slides on easily and drapes beautifully.
Learning job skills at LucasWorks.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, teacher gifts, heck, at this price, they're perfect for ANY day!

For only $3.00, we'll gift wrap your purchase, and ship it to the recepient with your personal message, too.

We all love the wonderful Autism Awareness items that are on the market, with their brightly colored puzzle charms and beads. But we decided to offer you some ideas that will do more than just look nice;
LucasWorks Autism Awareness products actually TEACH PEOPLE SOMETHING ABOUT AUTISM!!

Now you have a way to share information with family and friends that will make them truly "aware" of autism and how to best communicate, make contact with and help those with this devastating disorder.

The beautiful beads and ornaments on our Autism Awareness Bracelet, Keychain/Purse charm, Bookmark and Fragile X Syndrome bracelet may differ slightly from the photograph, as we are continually looking for different and more beautiful pieces at good prices. We strive to bring you the most beautiful items we can at the best prices possible!


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