We all want to get and keep out finances in order. Sometimes this is much easier said than done. We forget to do the little things on a daily basis. We say we will keep on top of something, but then life gets in the way. When this happens our intent to keep better track of money goes by the wayside.

This is exactly why we are here today. We are here to get you back on track and stay there. Below I have some simply tips that will help you get control of your money again.


Keep track of what you are spending

Most of you have probably heard this one over and over before, but it’s true. If you focus on keeping better track of your finances, you can save lots of headaches. We all have good intentions with this one, but most of us tend to put this one off. Stop avoiding this one. Write down everything. This is one exercise that will get easier over time. You just have to get into the practice of doing it everyday.

Eliminate The money fights if you are married

If you are married you need to set up one simple rule. It’s not yours or mine, it’s ours. It’s okay to keep one account open for each of you, as a safety net type of thing. The central banking account you should be both your name. This way you both know what each is spending. If there is no secret spending, than those little fights will not come up as much.

It’s an exercise in trust. If you truly trust the person you are with, than combing the money should not really be an issue.

pay cash not credit

Spend cash not credit 

This is something more people should get in the habit of doing. Stop using the credit like it’s a crutch. I’ve got news for you, it’s not a crutch. Credit will only lead to more money problems.

Set aside some spending money each month. Let’s say that you have expressed interest in spending maybe $50 each month. Put that $50 aside and only spend that. Make sure it’s in some form of cash. Put the rest in an emergency fund and don not touch it, even if you get the impulse.

I got into trouble with credit cards years ago. I only use cash now. Unless you have to keep an emergency credit card around for other purposes, only use cash. It’s going to save you lots of heartache.

Sell it off

If you are not using it, you should sell it off. If you can’t sell it off, than give it to a friend or neighborhood. It’s weighing you down and not serving you any real purpose. It’s junk. Time to trim the garbage out of your life.