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Check out some great ideas for a gift for an autistic child!


Do you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder?

LucasWorks has autism products to help!
We have child safety products, child id kits, independent living aids and autism awareness jewelry, too.

But wait, there's more...many of our autism products (like our autism awareness jewelry) are made and ALL of our orders are filled by someone with an autism spectrum disorder!


Autism Awareness Jewelry - Made by someone with autism!

Autism Awareness jewelry that teaches about autism!


The beads and charms help teach about autism.
A variety of styles, colors and sizes to choose from.
The perfect gift to spread autism awareness.
Well made and reasonably priced.

LucasWorks Autism Awareness Jewelry is made with the help of someone with autism.

We offer a variety of styles, colors and sizes of autism awareness jewelry, including our very popular autism awareness bracelet. And all of it helps to promote an understanding of autism, pdd and autism spectrum disorders.



A Child ID Kit selection for Special Needs -

Medical ID Bracelet Child ID Kit How would first responders know about your child's special needs?
EVERY Child ID kit contains places for medical info.
ID to wear, to carry, to keep in cars and on child seats.
Perfect for ANY special needs at any age.

We have a child id kit for everyone with a medical condition or special needs. Choose from several types of "wearable" ID, in addition to the standard "wallet" type.



Child Safety Products to keep them safe, at home and elsewhere -

Child Safety Products like the No-Tip Furniture Bracket Does your child understand danger?
Do you spend your days in your own version of "Survivor"?
Do you need Child safety products for "climbers", "runners", and other explorers?

If you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, a medical condition or any other type of special needs, LucasWorks can help you to keep them safe with our selection of child safety products.



Teaching Temperature and how to dress for it -

Teaching Temperature with the Apparel Indicating Thermometer

In addition to autism products for safety and ID, this Apparel Indicating Thermometer is a wonderful "Visual aid" to help teach your child the important (and sometimes life saving) skill of dressing correctly for different temperatures.

It's specifically designed for teaching those with autism and other developmental disabilities,
but it also helps children just learning how to dress themselves, and gives a gentle reminder to those with early stage Alzheimer's!

Along with our Autism Awareness jewelry, this thermometer is also assembled by people with autism!


Autism Parent Support Articles -

Autism Parent Support articles Tips and techniques that can work at home and elsewhere.
Help for now, and hope for the future.
Ideas and reviews from someone who's been there.

We offer articles on autism like how to help your child by using a visual schedule for autism at home, or how to find the perfect gift for an autistic child.

We also try to provide with some inspirational articles.

Teaching job skills -

Students learn job skills at LucasWorksLucasWorks Autism Products has collaborated with a local school district's Vocational Training program to teach job skills to students with autism and other special needs.

These students assembled autism products like our Apparel Indicating Thermometer and our Autism Awareness bracelet and other jewelry. They also prepared orders for shipping and kept inventory straight. We hope to someday employ people with autism and other special needs.

Our goal here at LucasWorks is to offer high quality, affordable autism products to help your loved one with autism or other special needs, and to eventually provide job training and employment to people with an autism spectrum disorder.

Learn more about LucasWorks and our mission to help those with autism, through both training and with our autism products.

Autism defined -
The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHHD) defines Autism as: "a complex developmental disorder that affects how a person behaves, interacts with others, communicates, and learns." Symptoms usually start before age three and can cause delays or problems in many different skills that develop from infancy to adulthood.

Autism Spectrum Disorder -
NICHHD explains Autism Spectrum Disorder as follows: "Different people with autism can have very different symptoms. Health care providers think of autism as a 'spectrum' disorder, a group of disorders with similar features. One person may have mild symptoms, while another may have serious symptoms. But they both have an autism spectrum disorder."

For Parents -
If you're the parent of a child recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, you can find articles about parenting an autistic child. We here at LucasWorks have been where you are, and remember just how hard it was.

Lucas - The youngest child of LucasWorks' founders Lauren & Alan Padgett, Lucas was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder when he was 2.5 years old. The doctors and education specialists told the Padgetts that Lucas would never speak or communicate.

The 'experts' told Lauren and Alan to prepare for institutionalizing Lucas by the time he was around 10 years old, because in addition to autism, he was unbelievably hyperactive, which the doctors felt contributed to the prognosis that no one would ever be able to reach him or help him.

Lauren & Alan can now look back over the years, see how far Lucas has come, and try to offer you hope for the future. Don't let anyone tell you what your child with an autism spectrum disorder will or will not achieve; the truth is, THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU AND YOUR CHILD ARE CAPABLE OF, DO THEY?

Safety issues - In addition to learning how to deal with and help someone with an autism spectrum disorder, the Padgetts also had to figure out how to keep Lucas safe. There were so many "what if" questions, like, "what if he takes off in WalMart and I can't catch him" or "what if he gets out of the house through a window one day".

Spreading hope and help - LucasWorks was started when the Padgetts found themselves having to design some of the autism products they needed to help Lucas, because they couldn't find what they needed on the market.

Now they want to give other parents a place to find autism products to help their child and to keep them safe, while also helping to teach job skills to people with an autism spectrum disorder. Ordering from LucasWorks Autism Products is a win-win situation for fighting autism!

Experience and advocacy - In addition to having first hand experience raising a son with autism, Lauren Padgett has also spent many years working as an advocate for those with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities.

She's not just talking as the parent of a child with an autism spectrum disorder, but as someone who has worked at many different levels of both educational and advocacy groups to help provide the best services to children with special needs, especially those with an autism spectrum disorder.

So enjoy your visit to LucasWorks Autism Products - You'll find articles filled with all sorts of information, products to help keep your loved one safe, and the most amazing Autism Awareness jewelry, all offered to help those with autism and those who love them.


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